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The Other Olive Oil . . . California’s

I’ve taken a circuitous route to olive oil, beginning with the pig, followed eventually by the fruit of the Mediterranean. Whenever she cooked bacon, which was several times a week, my grandmother saved the drippings in a small aluminum container that had its own built in ‘filter’ in the top. Any bits would remain in […]

Polenta Polenta

Like with rice, beans and pasta, when you make polenta you’re part of a universal culinary network. Each has its distinctive character and flavor and each has a vast culinary repertoire. Polenta, ancient peasant food, was necessary for survival long before we decided to relish and make it important again. We know this stuff, it’s […]

Chanterelle Sauce, Salute to Autumn

Another thing that I’ve put off in my life is learning to forage for wild mushrooms without killing myself and my family. Maybe chanterelles I could safely identify, but do they have a menacing cousin? That’s the tricky part. I hope to eventually check this one off my list, but for now I depend on […]

Fooling Around With Risotto

It’s lemons and clam nectar that I’d like to put on the table, or to be more exact, into a pot of bubbling risotto. If you’ve never made risotto before, it might be time. Perfectly beautiful winter food it is, here are a couple of really simple ways to change it up. Lemons. It’s a […]

My (Almost) Edible Gift: Homemade Nutella

Just mention nutella to anyone who’s tried it and their eyes will light up and you can feel their fingers itching to grab a spoon and dig in. That’s what inspired me to try my hand at a homemade version of this addictive chocolate hazelnut spread. I had visions of slipping a jar into gift […]

Happy As A Clam Pasta

Happy as a clam? The quote in its entirety explains a lot: Happy as a clam in mud at high tide. A clam at high tide cannot be dug up and eaten, and is, therefore, a happy one. Our state has plenty of clams, Razor, Geoduck, Manila, Butter, Littleneck . . . Either fitting or […]

Tale of two cities, two pastas

When in Maine eat lobster, in Philadelphia a Philly cheesesteak, in Seattle salmon or Dungeness crabcakes. Regional culinary pride. In Italy there’s ancient culture in a town’s particular sauce or pasta dish, determined by whatever can be found or produced from nearby. While in Rome last spring, we consumed bowls of Pasta Carbonara, while in […]

Fruitcake Good Enough to Eat

I admit that I might have had a little problem with the traditional candied fruit and cake product. Winter’s culinary ritual perhaps, but show me one who loves fruitcake and I’ll give you ten who don’t. (Or am I way off about this?) Poetic justice happens and when I got married fruitcake was part of […]

Bring Pears to the Party

Put a pear in a red dress and she’ll dance all night long. And she’s got moves. We love her decisively pear-shaped bod and the way she fans the culinary flame at the swivel of her ample hip. Party animal. Local pears are in town for the holidays offering feastworthy fare from salads to chutney […]

Roast It! Apples, cranberries, tomatoes . . .

Apples, cauliflower, tomatoes, tomatillos, eggplant, cranberries . . . you name it, you can probably roast it. Starting with this applesauce. My roasting memories involve a chunk of meat on Sundays with a pile of vegetables that were conveniently roasted along side. The word roast was synonymous with the meat so I grew up assuming […]