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Take a Break and Sip Some Hips

It’s time to sit back and take a break from all the holiday activities and have a cup of tea. While you’re at it, you may as well make one filled with plenty of vitamin C, just in case you’ve been pushing yourself a little too hard and need an immunity boost. Rose hips are […]

Chanterelle Sauce, Salute to Autumn

Another thing that I’ve put off in my life is learning to forage for wild mushrooms without killing myself and my family. Maybe chanterelles I could safely identify, but do they have a menacing cousin? That’s the tricky part. I hope to eventually check this one off my list, but for now I depend on […]

Dandelion & Sorrel Salad . . . a bold taste of spring

There’s a cluster of sorrel in the herb garden doing its skyrocketing spring thing, but staying where it belongs. Dandelions, on the other hand, are exploding everywhere without regard to anyone’s boundaries. I’d like to be grateful for this free-spirited perennial which, quite frankly, could learn a lesson from tidy and courteous sorrel. Not sure […]

Fraiche and Foresty

When I was in college in NC, I managed to talk an old farmer into renting me his family home on forty acres for $50 a month. He had since moved up in the world and retired to a mobile home. The farmhouse was rustic beyond my parent’s belief with no indoor plumbing, no insulation, […]

Where the Wild Foods Are

Langdon Cook, local author and blogger, in his new book Fat of the Land, Adventures of a 21st Century Forager, makes you see this land of plenty we call home in a whole new light. His book is delightfully funny and well-written to the point that once you start reading, it’s hard to stop. The […]

Season’s Eatings: A Wild Piece of Cake

  Who can resist a cake, of any kind? But Farro? That’s a stretch. I got to thinking about cakes and, surprisingly, I didn’t start with the chocolate one, but with crab cakes, then sweet potato cakes, salmon cakes, and eventually I did get to my favorite dessert. On the way through this cakes’ daydream […]

January’s Healing Nettle Tea

It is said that the “sting of the nettle is but nothing compared to the pains that it heals”. Immersed in mid-winter’s landscape, hibernation happening everywhere, I rambled happily through the woods this morning: stumps and boulders blanketed with piles of verdant moss, lichened branches overhead, paths underfoot cushioned with fecund layers of frosted grass […]

Forage for Flowers

When I think of foraging, I think of going out in the woods to gather something exotic like mushrooms. Gathering flowers is more like meandering through the garden, unless it starts hailing, snowing and raining. In that case, a rather fluffy pastime can turn into an extreme sport of running in and out of shelter […]

Urban Foraging

  Last night everyone in the MixedGreens family was talking about a segment on KUOW on Langdon Cook, aka Finspot, foraging for dandelions and other plants right here in Seattle. He has a great blog, Fat of the Land, with all kinds of info and recipes specific to our area, including the link to yesterday’s show. Check […]

Feeling Wild? Forage for Nettles

Foraging for wild food can turn an ordinary hike into an adventure. While visiting family on Orcas Island, I had the perfect opportunity to forage for nettles. They are free, local, delicious and the new shoots are coming up everywhere. I put on heavy work gloves and brought along a grocery bag. In no time, […]