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Have a Pizza Party

All of Adrian’s juggling practice came in handy when it was time to make pizza. I mixed up a batch of dough ahead of time, then cut it into quarters so each person could make their own. The Farmers Market provided the toppings — italian sausage from Skagit River Ranch, caramelized red torpedo onions and […]

I Like Bread ‘n Butter

Coming back from vacation is hard enough for adults, but what do you do with the kids after days of nonstop fun and activities? Time to pull out that bag of flour I bought from Bluebird Grain Farms and put them to “work” baking bread. I’ve been feeling pretty lazy and jet-lagged myself and didn’t […]

Cookin’ With Munchkins

They actually did make music after making and eating their veggie critters.peas 1 A while back Poppy and I had this brilliant idea that we would host a ‘food experience’ for munchkins, little ones, aged 3 – 6. … They dipped strawberries in chocolate and even saved a few to take home; they made and loved both a thousand island-type dip and a peanut buttery dip based on an Indonesian peanut sauce; they decorated their plates with inspired versions of veggie people; we had a picture story about a strawberry which involved a tiny mouse and a bear, both enamored with the same strawberry. kids' cooking #1 47 peas 3 peas 5 peas 7 At first the carrots, snow peas, radishes, tomatoes, purple lettuce were merely the vessels on which to transport dip to mouth, dip to mouth as if the veggie were a spoon and not an edible thing.

Edible Critters for Local Munchkins

We want our children to be the benefactors of stewardship and sustainability, and they’re also partners in the effort. While writing a recent post about an Onion and Goat Cheese Tart, I thought about children. Would a kid eat this, would Lily like it? I wondered about a child-friendlier take on the tart and that […]