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Here’s To Your Health

A healthy but delicious lifestyle is always on my want-to-do list for the New Year, along with a few other resolutions which I write down and sometimes actually accomplish. I don’t beat myself up, much, if something doesn’t get done, but I try to make the list appealing, accomplishable. Like, make Tiramisu could be on […]

Curry in a Hurry

My life seems to have become more and more frenetic in an attempt to complete outdoor projects before the fall rain and nasty weather begins. I feel a little like this native Douglas squirrel I watched last weekend. He was working like a maniac to store seed pods from the Big Leaf Maple while they’re […]

Fresh tomato pasta: savoring every bite of summer

                        It’s September and I’m savoring every tomato, every green bean, ear of corn, every blackberry, every sunset. If I can capture late summer on a plate, prepared quickly, I’m a happy camper. Tomatoes, basil, zucchini, garlic, Parm and pasta fit the bill. Pasta […]

Asian Taco Time

I love a good taco bar and this week I decided to mix it up a bit and give mine an Asian twist. Let go of the cheese and sour cream, add sesame oil, soy sauce and rice vinegar and you’re almost there. I went to the farmers market with this meal in mind and […]

Put An Egg On It

¬† There’s An Egg In My Soup! Inspired by the Portlandia put-a bird-on-it-sketch in which Fred Armisen and Carrie Brownstein insist that putting a bird image on anything, and I mean anything, makes it design savvy and market-worthy, this post revolves around a similar concept. If a bird is your go-to design punch in a […]

Fooling Around With Risotto

It’s lemons and clam nectar that I’d like to put on the table, or to be more exact, into a pot of bubbling risotto. If you’ve never made risotto before, it might be time. Perfectly beautiful winter food it is, here are a couple of really simple ways to change it up. Lemons. It’s a […]

Less meat is more, as in Ping Gai Chicken

For me, the less is more theory applied to the eating of meat has kicked in. Taste buds appreciate the deliciousness of other flavors and the notion of sacrifice is gone. It helps that I know it’s also better for the planet that I and millions of others are eating less meat – obviously, millions […]

Happy As A Clam Pasta

Happy as a clam? The quote in its entirety explains a lot: Happy as a clam in mud at high tide. A clam at high tide cannot be dug up and eaten, and is, therefore, a happy one. Our state has plenty of clams, Razor, Geoduck, Manila, Butter, Littleneck . . . Either fitting or […]

Tale of two cities, two pastas

When in Maine eat lobster, in Philadelphia a Philly cheesesteak, in Seattle salmon or Dungeness crabcakes. Regional culinary pride. In Italy there’s ancient culture in a town’s particular sauce or pasta dish, determined by whatever can be found or produced from nearby. While in Rome last spring, we consumed bowls of Pasta Carbonara, while in […]

Bella Portobello

Truth is Portobellos probably aren’t the belle of the mushroom world. It’s the wild ones, delicate, exotically shaped and rare to find, that are treasured¬† – they also happen to be delectable. Morels, Chanterelle, Porcini, Shiitake. Portobellos, on the other hand, are an ordinary Crimini mushroom grown up, substantial in character and size, locally grown, […]