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With a Cooler & a Coleman Stove

Cooking and eating outdoors. I just returned from a hiking-biking-camping trip to southeastern Utah – yes, the SUN still shines somewhere – so camp cooking came up during our meeting. I like to eat as well as possible no matter where I am so I’m motivated to arrange for a decent meal even via a […]

Sum sum summertime: Tomatillo, Tomato, Corn & Ricotta Tortillas

It’s still summer and fresh corn is so good it’s almost a guilty pleasure. Take that corn off the cob and wrap it up in a tortilla with tomato, tomatillo salsa, savory ricotta, avocado, grill it in butter, and relish summer’s crème de la crème. Gild the lily with arugula, a fried egg, Dungeness crab […]

Breakfast for Dinner: Overly Easy Eggs

I never really had full appreciation of what it meant for my mother to put dinner on the table for five rowdy kids every night of the week. Somewhere along the way, she rebelled, at least on Sunday nights and it became a DIY dinner night. More often than not, we kids collaborated on a […]

Spicy Meatballs & Their Sidekicks

Not sure I make lamb meatballs because it’s an excuse to eat the tzatziki sauce that belongs with them, or make the tzatziki in order to indulge in the lamb meatballs. Either way, they’re perfect pals, they go everywhere together. The Greeks figured out a while back that you can’t make one without the other, […]

Fast Food at Home: Polenta With Trimmings

Company for dinner last week, eight of us, and at best I thought the polenta would be like the music you hear in a good movie – relatively unnoticed, but an important supporting role. Well . . . polenta with the onion-garlic-tomato-mushroom-thyme-bay leaf-wine sauce, created after hours in the oven with beef brisket, stole the […]

Gremolata Festa

Make Gremolata and sashay through a lotta delicious meals. Swagger even, it carries a wickedly delicious punch and it’s easy. An Italian condiment that’s used as a garnish, often with braised meats like Osso Bucco, Gremolata adds whopping flavor, consists of three ingredients and takes moments to make. Like Mayonnaise, mustard, hot sauce, this is […]

Party Menu in a Hurry: Seafood Chowder

My brother and I made a double batch of this seafood chowder for twelve of us the other night, with an array of vegetables, leek dip, baguette, cookies and ice cream. When four more showed up there was still plenty. A festive menu that leaves time for the cook to smell the roses before dinner, […]

Spring’s Fast Fresh Food

Time for fresh, quickly cooked food from nearby and savoring it under a blossoming tree somewhere. If it doesn’t rain first, says the pessimist self; definitely, the sun is back says the optimist. Lilacs, asparagus and herbs mark the season – and anniversaries. Branches of blooming lilacs festooned our May sailboat wedding along with pizza, […]

Fish Taco Quest

I arrived in Puerto Rico a few days ago wondering about a few things – the heat and humidity, will I get cozy with Zumba and standup paddle boarding, will I get some work done? Make a good fish taco? Finally? Chances are pretty good for the fish tacos. A. I’m in a small town […]

Looking Back at 2012

Before looking forward and thinking about what I’d like to accomplish in 2013, I decided to spend a few moments looking back at 2012. I often check our recipes on Mixed Greens to remind myself of how to make a certain dish but this time I wanted to think more about what posts represent an […]