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With Pears

Culinarily speaking, at the moment we are with pears, along with other autumnal morsels like apples, wild mushrooms, quince, and kale. Rain and our PNW foliage characterize the season too. Cheese, wine, pizza, salad, dessert, all have a delicious relationship with pears, but pears and cheese are classic. In Italy it’s Parmesan, in the PNW […]

Gelati, Cherry & Chocolate

Gelati, gelato. Summer has to be just around the corner. Grilling and Folk Life are happenin’, it’s Memorial Day weekend and at my house the ice cream freezer’s humming. A bumper crop of Montmorency cherries in the front yard will ripen in the next few weeks while two or three quarts from last year loiter […]

Perfectly Hard-Boiled

Until you’ve eaten a couple of hard-boiled eggs tough enough to bounce off the pavement and tinged with grayish green, you might think that boiling an egg is no big deal. There seem to be a variety of approaches to the perfectly hard-boiled egg, one that isn’t overdone and has none of that greenish aura […]

A Fool for Rhubarb, It’s Hot Pink & Heralds Spring

What can I say? She’s a babe. Eight weeks ago rhubarb lay dormant in her own leafy compost, today with hot pink stalks and abundant crinkly leaves ablaze, she struts her stuff. These first leafings are positively iridescent in their exuberance. (Don’t even think about eating them!) Enough for a small bowl of sauce. The […]

Fondues Warm the Longest Nights

Fondues are the perfect foil for winter blues, something gooey and melted wrapped around almost anything that we can dip or stick a fork into. For Pacific Northwesterners today is the year’s shortest day, longest night. Winter Solstice. Although we don’t dance around maypoles in chiffon, we do we have seasonal food rituals and celebrations […]

Shake It. Make It: Butter

After years of reading that we need to eat a low-fat diet in order to be healthy, it came as a huge relief to hear that many people believe high quality, saturated fats are essential to good health. At last, I no longer need to repress my love of butter. I’ve always loved the stuff […]

Savory and Sweet: Salted Caramel Ice Cream

It’s already August and if you haven’t used your ice cream freezer yet, the time has definitely come. There are very few multi-generational activities that evoke as many summer childhood memories as making and eating ice cream. Those of us who are lucky enough to live in the Seattle area not only have access to […]

There’s an egg in my soup

Some of you will not go for this. I get it. I might have been one of you had I not experienced this meal with friends a few weeks ago. Putting a poached egg in the middle of a bowl of tomato soup isn’t something I would have done on my own, but it was […]

Kitchen Flotsam & Jetsam

Maybe you know what I’m talking about. Or am I the only one with end bits of whatever that have been pushed aside by kitchen tidal action and go unattended until it’s conveniently too late? At my house it’s usually bread and cheese that have been marginalized for any number of reasons. Not so pretty […]

Sweet on Ricotta

Spring is a season of heightened sensory experience. Delicate fragrances, sounds that bring back memories, colors I forgot even existed and of course, fresh tastes found only at this time of year. You can make ricotta anytime but its light subtlety reminds me of a quintessential spring food. Ricotta is like my perfect pillow — […]