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I Heart Walnuts

I scored over the holidays and ended up with two big bags of fresh organic walnuts, one shelled the other whole, both incredibly nutritious and delicious. These gifts prompted me not only to dig up our ancient nutcrackers which we’ve previously used mainly for crab but also to do a little research on walnuts. It […]

Gift Jars of Homemade Stuff, Like Chocolate Sauce

To be gifted with a chocolate sauce that we might rarely indulge in buying for ourselves is permission to enjoy something lavish and delicious, even if just a teaspoon at a time. Ice cream, vanilla or coffee, are the obvious recipients of this sauce, but it also melts beautifully into a cup of steaming hot […]

Chanterelle Sauce, Salute to Autumn

Another thing that I’ve put off in my life is learning to forage for wild mushrooms without killing myself and my family. Maybe chanterelles I could safely identify, but do they have a menacing cousin? That’s the tricky part. I hope to eventually check this one off my list, but for now I depend on […]

Fresh tomato pasta: savoring every bite of summer

                        It’s September and I’m savoring every tomato, every green bean, ear of corn, every blackberry, every sunset. If I can capture late summer on a plate, prepared quickly, I’m a happy camper. Tomatoes, basil, zucchini, garlic, Parm and pasta fit the bill. Pasta […]

Fennel Grilled Pacific NW Salmon

For days I’d had this perfect Memorial Day meal in mind involving barbecue, potato salad, wilted lettuce from the garden, rhubarb crisp, a cool glass of something served at the worn picnic table in the backyard, peonies in the background on the brink of their hot pink display. With even a hint of sun, I […]

A Saucy Gift for Mom

Happy Mother’s Day to all you moms out there. I hope you’ve been lavished with the love and appreciation I know you all deserve. I think one of the most difficult tasks as a mom is to come up with a healthy delicious meal every night for your family. Even if you’ve been blessed with […]

Dressing With Herbs

Delayed post this week. Sometimes wedding anniversaries, our 25th, get in the way of deadlines and I suppose that’s a good thing. We had an excellent weekend at the Sooke Harbour House (Vancouver Island, west of Victoria), and because of the lovingly tended gardens and exquisite cuisine, mostly local, I was re-inspired about herbs. Kayaking […]

Spring Flings From the Garden: Rhubarb & Rosemary, Sorrel & Chives

Fresh young mounds of sorrel and rhubarb beckon from the backyard, all dewy and green. While winter veggies are on the wane, they are garden sirens. For god’s sake, we’re at our prime, have your way with us! Rhubarb’s easy. I grew up loving its sauce and pie, and there was a brief moment in […]

Less meat is more, as in Ping Gai Chicken

For me, the less is more theory applied to the eating of meat has kicked in. Taste buds appreciate the deliciousness of other flavors and the notion of sacrifice is gone. It helps that I know it’s also better for the planet that I and millions of others are eating less meat – obviously, millions […]

Invest in stock . . . turkey stock (& gravy)

My thing this year is to make Thanksgiving’s turkey stock ahead of time, not the morning of.  So it is that a few days before Thanksgiving, five turkey wings and a neck are being roasted and then simmered into brothy perfection. Aromas from the kitchen this frosty Sunday imbue the day with comfort and hints […]