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Take a Break and Sip Some Hips

It’s time to sit back and take a break from all the holiday activities and have a cup of tea. While you’re at it, you may as well make one filled with plenty of vitamin C, just in case you’ve been pushing yourself a little too hard and need an immunity boost. Rose hips are […]

Potluck & Picnic Possibilites

It’s open potluck and picnic season here in the Northwest. We made it past July 4th and right on cue the outlook is for the sunny perfect weather we’ve all been waiting for. No one likes to brag but given what’s going on in the rest of the country, I’d say we’re pretty lucky to […]

Just Enough Sparkle: French 75

Christmas isn’t even over and already I’m thinking about what to serve for New Year’s Eve. Champagne is, of course, traditional but it might be fun to mix it up with one of my favorite cocktails — the French 75. I’ve never been a huge champagne fan but a little bit adds a celebratory vibe […]

Sipping Cucumbers

I don’t own a juicer, but those of you who do know that you can make juice out of almost anything, so this isn’t exactly a revelation, but a reminder about the potential in a cucumber, any fresh vegetable for that matter. Its essence in juice or soup is something wonderful. Using a blender or […]

Rhubarb Cocktails Rule

Waiting in line at the farmers market, I can’t help but overhear people talking about all kinds of things. More than once I’ve heard someone say “the rhubarb is beautiful but what should I do with it?” They weren’t talking to me but if they were, my answer would be to use it for cocktails. […]

In Hot Water Over A Drink of Water

We’ve been condemned for our over consumption of just about everything on the planet, now it’s bottled water. Like cell phones, bottled water came out of the blue a decade or so ago and once again we’ve been snookered into a product that we probably don’t need. Cell phones are another matter. From the Natural […]

‘Tis the Seasonal Cocktail

I’m not the mixologist in our family by any stretch of the imagination but Friday morning I realized I wanted to make some seasonal cocktails for you to help get your holiday party season started. I followed the recipes exactly, which I hardly ever do while cooking, and pleasantly surprised myself. Everything turned out fabulously […]

End of the Season Watermelon

Writing about watermelon at this time of year feels a little like wearing white pants after Labor Day. I know our picnic days may have ended for the summer but melons are still plentiful at the farmers market. The Northwest doesn’t seem to give a hoot about fashion so I say feel free to wear […]

Some Like It Hot: Basil & Frico

Browsing through my new volume of Canal House Cooking, I came upon the perfect pairing for my favorite basil summertime drinks — the Italian crispy, cheesey treat known as a frico. Perfect for me because I love something salty to munch along with a cocktail. These are so simple to make, the thought of having […]

Road Trip, Cool Sip, Rosemary Lemonade

Early tomorrow morning we hit the road, Poppy and I. We’re headed for a workshop middle of the week and we thought we’d veer through Washington’s wine country on the way to Montana: the Yakima Valley, Red Mountain, Walla Walla and then wheat country, the Palouse. Truthfully, the photography workshop is an elaborate ploy, the […]