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Feast Mode: Come Join Our Thanksgiving Table

Theoretically speaking, Thanksgiving doesn’t have to be cranberries, sweet potatoes, pumpkin pie, turkey, mashed potatoes, gravy, stuffing, Brussel’s sprouts, Waldorf salad, biscuits, butter, whipped cream . . . all that, plus. Theoretically. A few years ago I saw a country vegetable garden with this sign outside the gate: Dear Deer, It’s almost Thanksgiving and it […]

Apple Cider Rules

Ever wonder how apple cider is made?  If you have plenty of apples and access to a cider press, you can make your own. One box of apples will make about 2 -3  gallons of cider. Renting a press is an option or you can offer an extra set of hands if you know someone […]

A Party: An Enchanted Summer Evening Supper

Thirteen friends, the December dinner group, met for supper mid-August. We had a blast wearing flip flops and shorts instead of boots and sweaters. We gathered in the backyard, used many of our own vegetables and herbs, and enjoyed food mostly made ahead. The Menu: Roasted summer vegetables with goat cheese ricotta on crostinis, prosciutto-wrapped […]

Frosty Summertime Sippin’

Browse through favorite seasonal beverages in our Mixed Greens’ digital cookbook: Rosemary Lemonade, simply herbs and water, Mojito Iced Tea, Bloody Mary Granita . . .  pull up a chair, kick back, sip.           

Some Like it Cold: Coffee & Tea

Hot, humid weather and iced tea go hand-in-hand in the South where I grew up. No matter what the occasion, glass after glass of sweet tea was the signature drink of my childhood for everyone — from the kids on up to grandparents. So much so that whenever we have family visiting from North Carolina, […]

Savoring Summer Smoothies

While we’re all anxiously waiting for berry season to begin at the farmers market, I thought I’d slip in a couple of savory smoothie ideas to hold you over. It’s hard not to get obsessed with the exquisite berries available to us in the Northwest but in the meantime, rhubarb and mint are in season […]

And the Winner is… Celery?

This is a joke, right? Celery, possibly the most under-appreciated vegetable, deserves some recognition. So much so that it’s the subject of a hilarious skit, The Celery Incident in the new season of Portlandia (fans, set up your DVR because it started this week). Celery has gotten more acclaim as a color than a vegetable. […]

Summer’s Savory Granitas

Happy Hour heaven. The raw oysters at Tilikum Place Cafe  last week, served with horseradish granita, were an exquisite treat. Done deal, I thought. I’ll make some and regale my raw oyster-loving husband with a smashing shellfish meal. Score some points. Maybe not as good as Tilikum Place Cafe’s, but good enough. Gathered around a table […]

All-in-One Dessert & Cocktail: Granita

Desserts are clearly not my specialty since I have one cookie recipe and one cake recipe that I make over and over again. Usually if someone else offers to make dessert, I don’t hesitate to agree. Last week while making a birthday dinner for a friend that shares my love of light, fresh, seasonal desserts, […]

When in Rum

OK, when in Puerto Rico. Wherever you are on the planet, isn’t it just courteous to politely partake in the local culture? The fresh papaya, avocado, mango, Mahi Mahi, coconut, lime, cashew fruit (who knew?), plantains, tamarind, hot and hot hot sauce. . . and so on. Just living local. There’s also rum. Not exactly a […]