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Potluck & Picnic Possibilites

It’s open potluck and picnic season here in the Northwest. We made it past July 4th and right on cue the outlook is for the sunny perfect weather we’ve all been waiting for. No one likes to brag but given what’s going on in the rest of the country, I’d say we’re pretty lucky to […]

Grilled Figs for the Fourth

Figs in a blanket of thyme honey might be the best thing you grill this summer. Three ingredients: figs, honey, thyme. Gilding the lily for sure. Figs are good enough on their own, but as with almost any fruit, a few minutes over high heat causes caramelization and highlights inherent deliciousness. Two of us made […]

Out of the Fire and into the Grill Pan

June gloom, it’s such a downer. It happens every year and we still seem so unprepared to wait until after the 4th of July to start planning outdoor bbq’s. Sure, you might luck out and have a beautiful day on the weekend —  nice enough to fire up the grill and maybe even eat outdoors. […]

Say Cheese

Crumbly and creamy textured, veined, sheathed in a grape leaf, soft and gooey, cheeses so appealing I had to sit them down and take their picture. Charisma and character, they have it.  It makes sense considering how carefully cheese can be coddled and nudged toward artisinal perfection. As chocolate and a fine glass of wine […]

With Pears

Culinarily speaking, at the moment we are with pears, along with other autumnal morsels like apples, wild mushrooms, quince, and kale. Rain and our PNW foliage characterize the season too. Cheese, wine, pizza, salad, dessert, all have a delicious relationship with pears, but pears and cheese are classic. In Italy it’s Parmesan, in the PNW […]

An Apple a Day

Has 2011 been a good year for apples? It depends on your criteria. If we’re going purely on taste, I’d say yes, this is a very good year. After a very cold, wet spring and an apparent lack of bees to do the work of pollination, it looked like it might be a dismal year […]

Last ditch plunder from the garden . . . pesto

Miraculous, since basil hates cool weather, that it hasn’t turned funky this past week. The opportune moment to preserve it might have been two or three weeks ago, but now will work. Turning our relatively small patch of basil into pesto will take about an hour and provide delicious flavor to dishes all winter long, […]

Springing for Asparagus

One unfortunate thing about asparagus is that it ain’t cheap, even in the spring when it’s in season. Here in the Northwest we grow about forty percent of our nation’s asparagus and as soon as it starts showing up at our local markets, it’s snatched up as fast as it’s put out for sale, regardless […]

Wrap it up . . . in a crepe

On weekends I think that I have to have toast and jam with my coffee. If there isn’t anything toastable around things can get a little tense. Happened last weekend and I goaded myself into finally making crepes. I needed something to wrap around my apple butter and blackberry jam and I needed it bad. […]

Irish Soda Bread . . . So Good, So Quick

To you Irish out there, thank you for the rich culture you’ve brought to the world, like Irish Soda Bread for example. I might have a trickle of Irish blood in my veins, but I doubt it. Even so, on a trip through Ireland, years ago, I felt a kinship with the place and the […]