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Umami at the Winter Farmers Market

In the middle of January, it amazes me that we still have a farmers market on Saturdays in the University District. I go every chance I get but I’ll have to admit that I’ve started looking for something different to mix things up and add a little umami deliciousness to our table. If you’re feeling […]

Tomato Love Gone Bad

I love tomatoes. I wish I could eat them three times a day, 365 days a year.  Thankfully, I cannot – there ‘s usually a price to pay for such indulgence. And it’s more than that. As the northern hemisphere moves into dark tomato-less months, eating fresh tomatoes becomes a dilemma. This is a Mixed […]

Roasted Tomato Sauce, A Walk in the Park

  In the day or two before leaving on vacation I’m running around like crazy, and really, I wouldn’t mind a walk in the park. I’ll be in *Desolation Sound, maybe kayaking, maybe swimming or tide pooling as this post is published, but in the meantime I have all these tomatoes on the vine that […]

Spring Flings From the Garden: Rhubarb & Rosemary, Sorrel & Chives

Fresh young mounds of sorrel and rhubarb beckon from the backyard, all dewy and green. While winter veggies are on the wane, they are garden sirens. For god’s sake, we’re at our prime, have your way with us! Rhubarb’s easy. I grew up loving its sauce and pie, and there was a brief moment in […]

Last ditch plunder from the garden . . . pesto

Miraculous, since basil hates cool weather, that it hasn’t turned funky this past week. The opportune moment to preserve it might have been two or three weeks ago, but now will work. Turning our relatively small patch of basil into pesto will take about an hour and provide delicious flavor to dishes all winter long, […]

Peachy Mornings on the Horizon

. . . thanks to Billy. In the pouring rain we dashed in and out of our farmers market the other morning with solid intention to buy only what we needed for dill pickle making – cukes, garlic and fresh dill. We accomplished that, plus some cauliflower, at Whistling Train Farm where Shelley had it […]

Putting food by . . . Pickles

Summer’s waning and you just want to kick back, have another vacation weekend, another picnic, tweak the garden, spend time with a daughter, a husband, a friend . . . but nay, produce beckons. For some veggies the annual, seasonal show is over. But in late August and September there are a few fruits and […]

Planting Tomatoes

Tomatoes are in. I mean in the ground, tucked in for their season. A relief when they’re snugged into little raised beds, blanketed by compost and red plastic, fertilized, safe and sound right where they belong, in our backyard. Already statuesque artichokes are standing guard nearby. We provide plenty of TLC these first few weeks, […]

Tomato Grazing All Year Long

As usual we’ve planted a lot of tomatoes. I always wonder if maybe this year, maybe finally we’ve gone too far, too many tomatoes. But that’s never the case. I heard the other day that eight tomato plants per person was the guide for previous generations who preserved everything possible, including tomatoes, for winter consumption. […]