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A Secretary of Food?

Among other things, MixedGreens blog is focused on food preparation. You’ve probably noticed. Cooking meals, simply that, is a huge contribution to living green – fewer fast and processed foods are required, and whole foods from local sources provide fresh ingredients that characterize and support a particular locale. Some people hate to cook and maybe […]

Precious Dirt: PCC Farmland Trust

Whenever I can include a little dirt in the course of a conversation about local and seasonal I’m happy. This time it’s about preserving some land for growing food. “The PCC Farmland Trust secures, preserves, and stewards threatened farmland in the Northwest, to ensure that generations of local farmers productively farm it using sustainable, organic […]

Fresh Shellfish and Yoga

And the connection is?? Orcas Island, of course. A perfect place to spend a quintessential fall weekend partaking in all the local specialties. We heard that Buck Bay Shellfish Farm was open for business and decided to take an excursion to one of my favorite parts of the island — Olga. Just around the bend […]

Consume More Legumes

First I put some olive oil in the hot skillet, turn the heat down and saute several cloves of garlic and any herbs and veggies you may want to use for flavoring…. Remember you aren’t going to be cooking the daylights out of these since they aren’t completely dried so carrots, onions and celery can all maintain their integrity when added now.

Support Seattle Youth Garden Works

For some it is their first job, for others having a place to go at a designated time creates a sense of stability that may not be present otherwise in their lives…. (BTW, a great tip from Colin — the Center for Urban Horticulture has a wonderful and under-used library filled with all the best gardening magazines and books, available for check-out to the public as well as a knowledgeable staff available to answer your gardening questions).

Our Own Fish Story, Loki Fish

Whenever we buy fish at Loki, the meal we make – often barbecued salmon cooked atop a bed of fennel stalks – is imbued with the whatever local we’ve been served that morning from the Loki crew. We learn a little something about the fish we’re getting that week – where it came from, what’s coming up next, what’s gone for this year, sometimes a bit about the politics of it all.

Growing Our Food: Stoney Plains Organic Farm

Stoney Plains Organic Farm is another vendor who’s become a familiar part of the Pacific Northwest Farmer’s Market scene. One of the reliable, upbeat purveyors of local organic food, they bring their seasonal array to our neighborhood markets, including Seattle’s Pike Place Market. Patrick Meyer is the amiable farmer who makes it even more worthwhile. […]

Growing Our Food: Billy’s Organic Produce

Shopping at Farmers Markets pretty regularly for several years now, I feel this camaraderie with the farmers that I admit is a bit of a stretch since we don’t actually know each other. I like to think that we have a symbiotic and friendly relationship anyway. I want to high-five, say thanks. And Billy’s organic […]

Growing Our Food: Whistling Train Farm

One reason that shopping at the Farmers Market is so satisfying, aside from the amazing variety of food available, is the familiarity that develops among farmers, vendors, and customers. Friends and acquaintances inevitably and unexpectedly appear. There’s time given for catching up, poking around, comparing notes. We might not recognize it as the exotic ambiance […]

GOOD FOOD: An intimate look at the growers of sustainable food in the Pacific Northwest

GOOD FOOD, a film that premiered at the Seattle International Film Festival a couple of weeks ago, is about farmers and ranchers with a commitment to safe, thoughtful food production in our region. Film festival friends say it’s wonderful. Plus, I hear Billy’s in it. It’s about time our celeb-conscious culture gave farmers and ranchers […]