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Feast of Field and Stream, A Farm to Table Dinner

Labor Day Weekend plans? We thought we’d entice you with this farm to table dinner in the Methow Valley next weekend. They’ll serve a sumptuous meal of locally grown and harvested food in a breathtakingly beautiful setting. And do they have summer! Go get some while it lasts. Feast of Field and Stream, Farm to Table […]

Say Cheese

Crumbly and creamy textured, veined, sheathed in a grape leaf, soft and gooey, cheeses so appealing I had to sit them down and take their picture. Charisma and character, they have it.  It makes sense considering how carefully cheese can be coddled and nudged toward artisinal perfection. As chocolate and a fine glass of wine […]

Eat Local Now, Come to Dinner October 24th

It would be nice to have you all over for a sumptuous autumnal meal. Poppy and I would cook, light some candles, you’d bring something along to put on the table, we’d celebrate the season’s harvest and share stories about our own triumphs and struggles with eating seasonally and locally. We’d come in costume as […]

Eat Local Now! Come for Dinner

Good food from close to home. We’d enjoy sitting down with all of you for such a Mixed Greens meal. We’d have a few things from the backyard garden and then a bunch of stuff from the farmer’s market, all of it from nearby. We’d have something with eggs and cheese, whatever fresh fruit is […]

Giving Thanks

There’s a tradition in my family of going around the table on Thanksgiving giving each person a turn to speak about what they are most grateful for. Since we’ve invited you to our virtual kitchen table, I thought I’d start things off by expressing some of the many things I’m thankful for. Please feel free […]

Local Tuna Taste Test

Canned tuna is my version of “mother’s little helper.” It has gotten me off the hook for a fast meal more times than I can remember. Need a quick sandwich for a spontaneous picnic? A tuna salad sandwich is hard to beat. Looking for inspiration for dinner when all you have is a fridge full […]

The Color of Food: Black is Black

Lately I’ve been obsessed with the color of food. For a while it was white vegetables, now it’s anything black. To me, black food says nutritional richness, exotic taste, ripeness, sexiness and just plain weirdness all mixed together. I can’t help but react to the contradiction it evokes, just by its intense color. The importance […]

A Local Dish: Japanese Salmon Burgers

As a matter of fact, I already had everything I needed — salmon from Loki Fish, ground pork from Skagit River Ranch, an onion from Willie Greens, an egg and potato from Stoney Plains…. salmon 1/2 small onion 1T butter 1 small potato, peeled 1 small beaten egg salt & pepper vegetable oil for frying Remove bones and skin from salmon and chop finely until it is almost ground Chop the onion finely and cook lightly in the butter.

Cure it at Home: Salmon

Day after day of winter grayness, when morning blends into midday and soon becomes night, I start thinking about how they used to do things in the old days. You know, when they didn’t have freezers but still wanted to preserve the catch-of-the-day, that kind of thing. Thinking about the old notion of preserving with […]

Hard Core at the Farmers Market

This is when eating local gets interesting, or shall I say challenging? Up until now, I’ve been spoiled with all that has been available at the University Farmers Market. After a few weeks of freezing temperatures and heavy snow, it is amazing to find any vendors still at the market. On Saturday, this is what […]