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Seed Bomb Recipe

The notion of a gardener and a seed bomb recipe is oxymoronic to the nth degree. Gardening and bombs aren’t that compatible, but this concept sheds new light on unimagined possibilities. Click on the link below and watch a video about the what, how and why of urban guerrilla gardening. Not as incendiary as you […]

Swapping Grass for Grub

Can we get by with less grass in the yard in exchange for some food on the table? Maybe we can. This video explains and shows the thinking behind Fritz Haeg’s vision for transforming grassy front yards into something more productive. Edible Estates: Attack on the Front Lawn, by Fritz Haeg; his website

The Organic Valley Story

Organic Valley, their label, logo and array of dairy products have become familiar. We see them in the dairy section of mainstream grocery stores everywhere now, but their business concept is anything but mainstream. Recognized as a model to aspire to in the sustainability movement, Organic Valley is a unique cooperative venture that is worth […]

Grow a Pear in a Bottle

I’m not sure I’ll actually get around to doing this but I love seeing how it’s done. Clear Creek Distillery sells a very fancy brandy with a pear in the bottle. Check out this video from Cooking up a Story to learn how.

Biodegradable Heirlooms?

Sustainability of household items is becoming an issue to be considered in much the same way we think about the food we consume. I find myself pondering questions — How was this item made? What transportation was involved in production and getting it on the shelves? How will I deal with it once it no […]

A New Family Farmer

A New Family Farmer is a video produced by Cooking Up a Story, a site devoted in part to telling stories about real people and their connections to food and sustainability. It’s an excellent resource and this short video is well worth viewing.

Onward & Upward With Global Mobility

This New York Times article, Movable Feast Carries A Pollution Price Tag (New York Times, 4/26/08), with its accompanying video if you’re interested, is a good source of information about food carbon footprinting and provides useful perspective in making decisions about living green. Stepping lightly, living locally doesn’t have to be a crash diet, they usually fail, but a choice to do what you can reasonably accomplish a little bit at a time.

“Call of the Honeybees”

They conveniently appear in our language when we need an idiomatic phrase like the bees knees, busy as a bee, a bee in your bonnet, sting like a bee, the birds and the bees . . . On the other hand, we’re obsessed with their ability to sting, and our caring about their survival has been tempered with this edginess we have about their presence among us.

The Big Cheese

I’m making my first cheese soufflé next week. I imagine that creating this puff of cheese and egg confection will be a visual extravaganza of melt-in-your-mouth deliciousness. Considering my cavalier kitchen behavior, it will also be a pinnacle of sophistication for me, and I expect results for the discipline I’m willing to exert. We’ll see. […]