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Resolutionary Thoughts: Snacks Unwrapped & Plastic

I’m reading the paper the other morning, oblivious to the impending New Year, when from across the room Bob asked if I had resolutions for 2010. Not yet, was my absent-minded reply. But then the brain started buzzing, independent of what I thought I wanted it to do, and it began to muse about the […]

Farm to Vase: Local Flowers

I’ve always considered myself lucky to have a “flower name” because I adore flowers but then, who doesn’t? Making a bouquet for the kitchen table is a habit I’ve had for as long as I can remember. It can be practically anything from the yard — flowers, grasses, fruits, herbs, branches, even vegetables gone to […]

Less meat is more, as in Ping Gai Chicken

For me, the less is more theory applied to the eating of meat has kicked in. Taste buds appreciate the deliciousness of other flavors and the notion of sacrifice is gone. It helps that I know it’s also better for the planet that I and millions of others are eating less meat – obviously, millions […]

The Winter Tomato Dilemma

How can I put this delicately? You’d be out of your mind to buy tomatoes mid-winter? Or the more delicate version, think twice before consuming an industrial winter tomato from far away that’s grown with extremely questionable, shall we say, techniques. The human cost is devastating to consider and has been referenced in a previous […]

In Hot Water Over A Drink of Water

We’ve been condemned for our over consumption of just about everything on the planet, now it’s bottled water. Like cell phones, bottled water came out of the blue a decade or so ago and once again we’ve been snookered into a product that we probably don’t need. Cell phones are another matter. From the Natural […]

Subsidized home cooking, say what?, & super bowls

Thank you Mark Bittman! Among his list of ideas for making a more sustainable food system in A Food Manifesto for the Future, (NY Times, 2/2/2011), is a plug for subsidizing home cooking, perhaps not as lofty as stopping subsidies for processed food, but still: * Encourage and subsidize home cooking. (Someday soon, I’ll write […]

Popcorn, No Package

Like with *salad dressings, I’m back on the bandwagon. This time it’s popcorn. Microwaves pop corn for us these days, thank you Paul & Orville. We buy cardboard boxes full of however-many cellophane-wrapped servings, remove cellophane, set dials, pop corn, pour it out of its bag into a bowl, dispose of bag. The convenience of […]

Seafood Watch, a fish story

Monterey Bay Acquarium’s Seafood Watch comes up from time to time in our postings because it’s an excellent resource. When we found Cooking Up A Story‘s short video about Seafood Watch, its history and purpose, its usefulness in our lives as consumers, we nabbed it. A few months ago we patted Mashiko’s Sushi Bar on […]

Cook on . . . it’s green

We emphasize local/seasonal food on this blog, which implies the importance of cooking. Maybe we need to declare it more emphatically, champion the act of cooking in the same way we champion the use of local/seasonal ingredients, carpooling and unplugging electronics. Cooking meals from scratch is a sustainable act. Buy whole fresh food, put on […]

Small Towns in Big Cities

A small town in eastern Washington was how my father-in-law described his West Seattle neighborhood. Growing up, those small towns in eastern Washington were mine. A city girl now, mostly, I understand the analogy. There’s a lot to love about the city (Picasso! at SAM) and a couple of things to hate. Commuting for one, […]