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Take Me to the Water

Just when I thought I knew about all the secret spots in our area, I recently learned about an extraordinary resource less than 15 miles from my home. For those of us who prefer to drink clean, untreated water, there’s a free artesian well in Lynnwood just moments off of I-5. The water runs continuously […]

Make Your Own Dyes, Naturally

In the spirit of spring and Easter, I’ve decided to spend time experimenting with some old pastimes that I left by the wayside after becoming tired of hauling equipment around — back and forth from coast to coast. Fresh out of college, instead of heading down a career track, I went off on my own […]

1st Day of Spring: Go Outside

It’s not officially spring yet but it will be by the time you wake up on Wednesday March 20. The vernal equinox in the Northwest is subtle — no great riots of color or huge swaths of sunshine. In fact, we consider ourselves very lucky when we have a sunny day in March. I’m a […]

I Yam A Sweet Potato

At least I think I yam. If you’re confused about what’s a sweet potato and what’s a yam you’re not alone. When I poked around to *clarify their identities I thought I had it, and then went to the grocery store. Their labels contradicted my research. I think, I’m pretty sure, this photo correctly labels […]

A Beloved Brownie Lives On

We visited Desolation Sound again last week and among the many pleasures of the early fall vacation there was remembering my mother and father-in-law, their connection with this place, and how they brought us to it. Perfect weather, kayaking, picnics, hot tubbing, family lore, sleep, reading, good food. There’s no running to the grocery store, […]

Feast of Field and Stream, A Farm to Table Dinner

Labor Day Weekend plans? We thought we’d entice you with this farm to table dinner in the Methow Valley next weekend. They’ll serve a sumptuous meal of locally grown and harvested food in a breathtakingly beautiful setting. And do they have summer! Go get some while it lasts. Feast of Field and Stream, Farm to Table […]

Get Thee to the Farmers Market

Four years and nearly 600 posts later, Mixed Greens blog is still going strong. Sally and I continue to encourage everyone to eat locally and live sustainably. My commitment to the local food movement began with a weekly trip to the farmers market.  Every Saturday morning, now year-round, Charlie and I do much of our […]

Farm to Vase: Local Flowers

I’ve always considered myself lucky to have a “flower name” because I adore flowers but then, who doesn’t? Making a bouquet for the kitchen table is a habit I’ve had for as long as I can remember. It can be practically anything from the yard — flowers, grasses, fruits, herbs, branches, even vegetables gone to […]

Less meat is more, as in Ping Gai Chicken

For me, the less is more theory applied to the eating of meat has kicked in. Taste buds appreciate the deliciousness of other flavors and the notion of sacrifice is gone. It helps that I know it’s also better for the planet that I and millions of others are eating less meat – obviously, millions […]

Mixed Greens Trends for 2012

Before looking into our Mixed Greens crystal ball at the food trends for the coming year, it’s interesting to look back and see if things really moved in the direction we thought they might. I don’t mean to brag but we seem to be riding the wave as eating locally continues to be mentioned on […]