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A Sense of Place

We’ve been thinking about our particular place on the planet, our region, our city, our neighborhoods, backyards . . . and decided that field trips aren’t just for kids. Once or twice a month, hopefully, Poppy and I will be heading out to walk and take pictures of our immediate world, stretching the boundary as […]

While on Orcas….Doug Fir Granita

Winter is the time of year to gather a couple of big handfuls of fir fronds on stems because once the weather warms up, the pitch starts running…. In a large pot, mix together 4 cups of water, 1 cup sugar, 1/4 cup honey, 3 T apple cider vinegar and 1 T black peppercorns.

January’s Healing Nettle Tea

It is said that the “sting of the nettle is but nothing compared to the pains that it heals”. Immersed in mid-winter’s landscape, hibernation happening everywhere, I rambled happily through the woods this morning: stumps and boulders blanketed with piles of verdant moss, lichened branches overhead, paths underfoot cushioned with fecund layers of frosted grass […]

Roasted Garlic Soup + Chantrelles

When I was a young mother, I was always amazed at how easily I became connected with a community of other parents with children. No matter where we were, if there were other kids there, I felt connected, even if it were only by a smile of recognition. Now I’m finding food can provide the […]

Fresh Shellfish and Yoga

And the connection is?? Orcas Island, of course. A perfect place to spend a quintessential fall weekend partaking in all the local specialties. We heard that Buck Bay Shellfish Farm was open for business and decided to take an excursion to one of my favorite parts of the island — Olga. Just around the bend […]

Rocky Mountain Local

I’m in the Canadian Rockies right now where the bears have the local/seasonal thing down. They forage lower on the mountain in summer, lower still in late summer for the wild blackberries, huckleberries, buffalo and dogwood berries, moving to higher elevations again in fall for roots, juniper bushes and eventually winter’s hibernation. They live within […]

Eat Local on the Road: NC

Shortly after we arrived in North Carolina Friday evening, we experienced a southern style thunder-and-lightning storm. There were lightning fireworks and torrential rain on our drive to my sister’s home followed by thunder that seemed to shake the house. I remember these afternoon storms from my childhood but I’m told that lately they have mostly […]

City Cures for Nature-Deficit-Disorder

Sometimes I need a nature fix and can’t get away for the weekend. I know that a leisurely stroll surrounded by large trees and natural beauty can calm even the most frantic mind. A few hours at one of our city parks may be just what the doctor ordered. Seattle Parks include 6,052 acres of […]

A Ramble Through Plum Forest Farm

A grove of plum trees bordering the northern edge of the property inspired the naming of Plum Forest Farm on Vashon Island, owned and operated by Rob Peterson and Joanne Jewell. Vashon Island, isolated and yet near massive mainland urbanization, is amazingly pastoral. Depart from the ferry and it is felt immediately. To drive the […]

Urban Foraging

  Last night everyone in the MixedGreens family was talking about a segment on KUOW on Langdon Cook, aka Finspot, foraging for dandelions and other plants right here in Seattle. He has a great blog, Fat of the Land, with all kinds of info and recipes specific to our area, including the link to yesterday’s show. Check […]