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With a Cooler & a Coleman Stove

Cooking and eating outdoors. I just returned from a hiking-biking-camping trip to southeastern Utah – yes, the SUN still shines somewhere – so camp cooking came up during our meeting. I like to eat as well as possible no matter where I am so I’m motivated to arrange for a decent meal even via a […]

Botanical Alchemy with India Flint

Two weeks ago I had the pleasure of taking an awe-inspiring natural dye workshop with Australian textile artist, India Flint who describes herself as a “maker of marks, forest wanderer & tumbleweed, stargazer & stitcher, botanical alchemist & string twiner, working traveler, dreamer, writer.” That description alone was all the encouragement I needed to sign […]

A Beloved Brownie Lives On

We visited Desolation Sound again last week and among the many pleasures of the early fall vacation there was remembering my mother and father-in-law, their connection with this place, and how they brought us to it. Perfect weather, kayaking, picnics, hot tubbing, family lore, sleep, reading, good food. There’s no running to the grocery store, […]

Headin’ Home from Montana

We’ve just completed a 3-day intensive photo workshop on a GORGEOUS farm just outside Hamilton, MT. When they say Big Sky, it’s the truth. Free-spirited, fun, talented, organized – yeah, all that – Australian photographer Barb Uil, JinkyArt, inspired participants with her own take on photographing children while nudging us toward developing our own style. […]

On the Road, the Palouse to the Snake

We’re having a great time, wish you were here. Yesterday we drove sporadically, due to the call of irresistible landscape, from Walla Walla, through Colfax and Pullman, to Lewiston, ID and on to Orofino where we spent the night serenaded by the Clearwater River just outside. Stopping for another quick pic. Over 160 vineyards in […]

MixedGreens Road Trip Day 1

We spent yesterday traveling through the state from Seattle to the Yakima Valley, Tri-Cities, Walla Walla and finally dinner in Waitsburg, WA. Winery stops, picnic lunch and stunning scenery along the way. Cool drinks at hand and a fine cocktail at day’s end. Couldn’t have been sweeter. Sagelands near Ellensburg, WA. Cornfields now on what […]

PC Fast Food @ Burgerville

The concepts of political correctness and a cheeseboiga don’t seem compatible. Oxymoronish maybe. But then there’s Burgerville, a fast food joint with sustainability at its heart. Go figure. And there are quite a few to choose from along the I-5 corridor from soutwestern Washington through central/southern Oregon. A quote from Burgerville’s website: “When you choose […]

Travel bug bites, volcanic ash stings, we hit the road

Volcanoes blow, plans change, an officious French Air France agent, Marie, pulled strings and somehow we got to Italy and back as planned, with Paris for a few days at the end. You return reflecting about it all, knowing that travel is not an especially sustainable act, and you want to feel that it means […]

Tame Some Nettles: Make Pesto

Last weekend on Orcas Island, just as I was settling in by the wood stove after a long hike for what I thought was cocktail hour, my brother suggested we all go out to gather some nettles for dinner. Couldn’t pass that up so it was back on with my boots, grabbed my camera and […]

Explore the International District

Sally’s latest post gave you a first taste of our desire to expand our understanding of what it means to live locally. Eating local foods is an important part of that but so is taking the time to explore and appreciate the place we call home. I wanted to give you a closer look at […]