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A Top Ten From 5 Years of Mixed Greens

Top 10 of 20 to be accurate. Poppy has a list too, coming soon. Stunning to think that collectively we have written six hundred fifty posts in the past five years, three hundred twenty-five apiece, whole food, local and seasonal at the heart of most.  My own top ten favorite posts are ones that I […]

Living Within the Season: Planting Winter Greens

I feel like I should whisper it . . .  winter. It’s summer, but dark green veggies are in the wings awaiting winter performances. The planting of winter greens is a seasonal ritual embedded in the earth’s constant transition. Living and eating along with the seasons should be, probably is, part of our genetic construction, […]

When Life Gives You Sour Cherries . . .

. . make cherry pie. Our Montmorency cherry tree is having its annual 15-minutes of fame. Loaded with bright pink and golden cherries, it glows festively and looks like it’s been decorated with a string of lights. Cherries are enticing and children sometimes find their hot pinkness irresistible, grab a couple and pop them straight […]

Fennel Grilled Pacific NW Salmon

For days I’d had this perfect Memorial Day meal in mind involving barbecue, potato salad, wilted lettuce from the garden, rhubarb crisp, a cool glass of something served at the worn picnic table in the backyard, peonies in the background on the brink of their hot pink display. With even a hint of sun, I […]

Dressing With Herbs

Delayed post this week. Sometimes wedding anniversaries, our 25th, get in the way of deadlines and I suppose that’s a good thing. We had an excellent weekend at the Sooke Harbour House (Vancouver Island, west of Victoria), and because of the lovingly tended gardens and exquisite cuisine, mostly local, I was re-inspired about herbs. Kayaking […]

Overwintered Greens, Southern-Style

Practically everyone I know did at least some work in their garden last weekend. We had two days of glorious sunshine reminding us that even though the rain isn’t gone for good, it’s not too early to start putting some seeds and starts in the ground. Unless you have a huge garden, you’ll probably need […]

Green from the Garden: Kale Smoothies

I finally got some work done in the vegetable garden last weekend. Prepared to clean everything out and start over, I was pleasantly surprised to find several plants that have managed to get a second wind. In fact, the kale looked better than it did last fall and is putting out loads of tender new […]

Imagine a red carpet for food . . .

We’d attend their premiers, cheer them on the red carpet, ask for their autographs, be their paparazzi. Some of the most humble food would be on the top ten best, or maybe worst, dressed list. Plump, leafy, curvaceous, svelte, demure, flamboyant, they would turn heads. Some are scandalously sensual. Beautiful inside and out, they will […]

Tomato Madness

Vines in the backyard are loaded with ripe, juicy, sweet, succulent, red, green, yellow, and purple tomatoes. I’m howling at the moon. Current cell phone message, (slurping sounds in the background) . . . Hello, this is Sally. Thanks for calling right in the middle of tomato season. Yeah, I’m kinda busy. Leave your number […]

Sipping Cucumbers

I don’t own a juicer, but those of you who do know that you can make juice out of almost anything, so this isn’t exactly a revelation, but a reminder about the potential in a cucumber, any fresh vegetable for that matter. Its essence in juice or soup is something wonderful. Using a blender or […]