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About Poppy

Former life: Ice cream scooper, Montessori teacher, student of psychology, weaver, spinner & natural dyer, clothing designer, entrepreneur, color consultant.

Inspiration: All forms of natural beauty, anything handmade, the way light changes, wild places, magazines with lots of photos, colors and their combinations.

Pleasures: Time with friends and family, cocktails on Friday night, snorkeling in the tropics, danceable music, gardening all day, yoga class, sitting by the woodstove.

Obsessions: Eating organic local food, being healthy, shopping at the farmers market, national politics, preserving our environment, making plans, being creative.

Struggles: Writing the way I see, worrying, being too impatient, reading and following directions, getting enough exercise.

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Posts by Poppy:

Breakfast for Dinner: Overly Easy Eggs

I never really had full appreciation of what it meant for my mother to put dinner on the table for five rowdy kids every night of the week. Somewhere along the way, she rebelled, at least on Sunday nights and it became a DIY dinner night. More often than not, we kids collaborated on a […]

Get Started: Plant Some Greens

Vegetable starts, I love you. For years, I was under the illusion that since planting seeds takes longer, I should garden the slow way. Now I know better. Don’t get me wrong, planting seeds is a great option, especially if you want a particular variety or if you plan to do successive planting. For my […]

Get Your Green On: Freekeh

I know, I know. St. Patrick’s Day is supposed to be about corned beef and Irish soda bread but today I’m writing about a different kind of green — green wheat, better known as freekeh. It’s a Middle Eastern ancient grain that’s harvested green, then sun-dried and roasted giving it a distinctive nutty flavor, very […]

And the Winner is… Celery?

This is a joke, right? Celery, possibly the most under-appreciated vegetable, deserves some recognition. So much so that it’s the subject of a hilarious skit, The Celery Incident in the new season of Portlandia (fans, set up your DVR because it started this week). Celery has gotten more acclaim as a color than a vegetable. […]

Enlightened Lentils

I wouldn’t say that I’ve been obsessed with the Olympics, but I’m checking in on my favorite events every evening. One of the best parts of the whole experience is seeing images of Russia and invariably, my mind drifts off to the food. Not that I’d ever buy black caviar, even if I could afford […]

Grilled Cheese Grows Up

Growing up I used to love grilled cheese sandwiches, made with white spongy bread and sliced american cheese — especially when paired with a bowl of Campbell’s tomato soup. I still think this combo makes a pretty ideal lunch only now I eat some homemade tomato soup from my freezer and use mostly local ingredients […]

Umami at the Winter Farmers Market

In the middle of January, it amazes me that we still have a farmers market on Saturdays in the University District. I go every chance I get but I’ll have to admit that I’ve started looking for something different to mix things up and add a little umami deliciousness to our table. If you’re feeling […]

2014: Honor the Beginning

Stopping for a moment to reflect on last year before launching into the new year, I realized that possibly for the first year ever, my resolution has nothing to do with food. I’ve made some changes in the way I eat over the last year – and (don’t hate me) managed to lose several pounds […]