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Lily's Footprint


Ancient footprints immortalize beings who lived here 100,000 years ago and we’re captivated, wondering about the lives of those who walked before us. They were seeking sustenance within a walking distance, perhaps a trek, but always on foot.

Now it’s the carbon footprint that interests us, to once again sustain ourselves on what is nearby whenever possible, to diminish the impact of our being here. Lily is the baby child in our village. Her presence on this earth, along with all children, gives energy and passion to the cause of our living ‘within a walking distance’.

Stepping lightly and living locally guide our Mixed Greens project.

A Little Mixed Greens Herstory

Our friendship, Sally and Poppy’s, began fifteen years or so ago when mutual friends and mutual interests brought us together. Five years ago we began a conversation that led to our Mixed Greens blog, a project we hoped would be creatively and intellectually meaningful, relevant to others, and would nurture each of us. We had hopes for an amicable and productive venture, but never quite envisioned the beloved pals potential.

As ideas around food, photography, the garden and sustainability hatched so did the mutual respect with which we negotiate the nuances of a creative collaboration. Each the benefactor of the other’s talent and encouragement, we’re grateful for twists and turns, the unexpected revelations along the way, but the sustained and deepening friendship takes the cake.

Our lives are intertwined in the loveliest ways, and especially with our families. We sit at the table together and invite you to join us.

Our Mixed Greens Recipe

Start with the freshest, local ingredients. The variations are endless. We hope it will feed you as it does us.
Toss together large handfuls of:

Poppy, photographer, colorist, designer and lover of all things handmade, and

Sally, a truly local variety, a rich source of words and stories, cooking skills, ability to bring it all together and a deep source of nourishment to all.

They make a delicious pairing by experimenting with different combinations of their skills, flourishing in a creative environment, both being learners and teachers with their own unique vision.

Stir in Bob, at home in the garden and deeply connected to our planet.

Add a splash of Charlie, master mixologist to lighten things up.

Mix in Chris, behind-the-scenes tech wizard.

Garnish with Krista, resident activist and environmentalist.

Add a dash of Karri, networking maven, lover of dogs and healthy living.

And finally, top with a sprinkling of Lily, our muse and a constant source of inspiration.

Fill a large container and toss all ingredients together. Dress with comments and local spice and serve right away.

That’s it. Mixed Greens. Give it a try and let us know what you think.

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  1. Congratulations, Poppy & Sally! The new blog looks fantastic, and the Photo Gallery is a great addition. It makes me want to see all of your beautiful photographs full-size. You two should be very proud of all the work you’ve put into the new design. Yeah!

  2. Yes, the new layout is very inviting. I am wondering why Roz and I haven’t been coming here for our ideas for our little cooking excursions!

  3. What a stunning site! You are all so inspiring. I’m looking forward to following your journeys. Thank you for sharing your wisdom, stories, gorgeous photos and everything else.

  4. What a delicious site. Stir frying my appetite just looking at the photos!

  5. I am enjoying your blog and added you to my blog roll. I am going to use your sorrel recipe soon (and the strawberry shortcake as soon as the strawberries are ready for picking!)

  6. Karri had posted your blog site on Facebook and I just had to check it out. Just made your tuna and bean salad for today’s lunch with my mother-in-law. It’s fabulous. Tons of flavor! So happy for you and Poppy and your success.

  7. LOVE your blog!!! So fun, so inspiring, so yummy!!! Way to go ladies!

  8. Great site! Where are you located?