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Cinderella Story, Celeriac Salad & Shrimp

Or maybe it’s The Ugly Duckling story. What’s beneath Celeriac’s gnarly surface is a beautiful thing. Dress it up and take it out for dinner. If you wear a beret and call it *Céleri Rémoulade it’s French.

I’ve purchased this salad in a to-go box at Pasta & Co, loved it, and  thought I’d try making it, with or without an actual recipe.

This comes close. Home alone for a couple of days, I dined on this salad two nights in a row, heaping helpings. Made with celery root, Oregon shrimp, a lemony dressing and mizuna from my backyard it’s local and it’s delicious. And except for that mayonnaisey dressing – which makes it, by the way – it’s healthy. If you insist, this would still be very good with lemon and olive oil, minus the mayo.

Recipe for Celeriac Salad with Oregon Shrimp

Originally posted three years ago and since then made many many times for our table. So good.

Also called Céleri Rémoulade. See note below.

About Oregon shrimp: Seattle Times, Oregon shrimp in the pink, tasty, and now sustainable. Monterey Bay Aquarium Seafood Watch.

A medium celeriac is enough for 4 servings. Bigger root, more salad. Make it a meal with larger servings, a hard-boiled egg and a slice of avocado on the side. Garlic bread?

Ingredients: 1 medium celery root yields about 4 cups when grated or finely sliced/ 1 lemon/1 t lemon zest/1/2 C parsley if you have it/ 1/2 # Oregon shrimp (available frozen at PCC, or at some fish markets)/ For the dressing: 4 T mayonnaise, 1 T sour cream, 1 -2  t mustard (or more), 1/2 t salt & 1/4 t pepper, or use lemon pepper instead. Or, omit salt. Lemon and mayonnaise may provide enough salty flavor.

Directions: It’s important to immerse the sliced celeriac into the lemon juice right away to keep it from discoloring/ Zest the lemon then squeeze its juice into a large bowl/ Peel celery root with a large knife and cut into 1/4 rounds using a mandolin if you have one, or slicing carefully by hand with a sharp knife (the peeled root may also be coarsely grated for this salad)/ Pile 3 or 4 rounds of celery root and then slice thinly into matchsticks/ Immediately toss the grated or sliced celeriac in the lemon juice and teaspoon of zest/ Proceed accordingly until all of the celeriac is grated or sliced into thin matchstick pieces. Mine should have been cut a little finer. Next time.

Stir the mayonnaise, sour cream, mustard, salt and pepper together in a small bowl/ Taste and adjust to your own liking/ Stir into the lemony celeriac/  Add more mayonnaise or sour cream, mustard, another squeeze of lemon if needed/ Before serving stir in approximately 1/2 # of Oregon shrimp and the parsley/ This salad is best made a couple of hours ahead and is good the next day.

Celery root makes a wonderful crunchy base for a crab salad mid-winter, Winter’s Crab Salad. It can be steamed, on its own or with other root vegetables, buttered, creamed and mashed. Celery Root, It’s A Keeper.

Slice and dice a root, dress it up, and it’s transformed into a culinary knockout, a Cinderella story. This humble root could be Saturday night fare.

Though I never found their actual recipe, thanks to Pasta & Co for the inspiration.

* After all was said and done I discovered that, minus the shrimp, this is a classic french salad, Céleri Rémoulade, and is described lavishly on the David Lebovitz site, living the sweet life in Paris. He advocates more mustard. I say go for it.

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