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Feast Mode: Come Join Our Thanksgiving Table

Theoretically speaking, Thanksgiving doesn’t have to be cranberries, sweet potatoes, pumpkin pie, turkey, mashed potatoes, gravy, stuffing, Brussel’s sprouts, Waldorf salad, biscuits, butter, whipped cream . . . all that, plus. Theoretically. A few years ago I saw a country vegetable garden with this sign outside the gate: Dear Deer, It’s almost Thanksgiving and it doesn’t have to be Turkey this year. Keep Out!

Over the years Poppy and I have cooked all kinds of Thanksgiving foods and posted many of them on Mixed Greens. We invite you to our table. Peruse the menu of possibilities and choose anything you’d like to try, or to make again because it was so good the last time. Choose two or three if you want. It goes without saying that there’s a nap on the menu too.

Recipes for Thanksgiving Dinner


Roasted Cranberry Sauce        Sweet Potato Biscuits         Pumpkin Pie From Scratch

Celery Root Puree      crispy shallots     caramelized shallots

Celery Root Puree                      Crispy Shallots                   Caramelized Shallots

Roasted Sweet Potatoes             Turkey Gravy                    Cranberry Gin & Tonic


Brussell’s Sprouts               Cranberry Upsidedown Cake         PNW Waldorf Salad


Turkey Soup Anytime       Something Green On the Side          Moroccan Turkey

Alton Brown is emphatic about how to roast a turkey: Brine your turkey – he does it in a large cooler along with some ice. Don’t stuff it! No need to baste. Keep the oven door closed as much as possible. If you’d like to be bossed around a little more about Alton’s way to roast a turkey, check out his recipe. I heard him carry forth on NPR the other night and it was impressive. He was decisive, which is a lot more than I can say for myself when it comes to how to best roast a turkey.

We’re grateful for you all dear readers. May your meal be as local as possible and delicious, your table lively and loving.

Water flows over these hands. May we use them skillfully to preserve our precious planet.

                              Earth Prayers From Around the World, Thich Nhat Hanh

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2 Responses »

  1. Sally,
    And we readers are grateful to you and Poppy for all your delicious recipes (and stories) throughout the year.

    The Thanksgiving cocktail we always served at our midwestern family gatherings was the Bloody Mary, which I have subsequently over the years “doctored” into a more gourmet version of what my father used to make. I should talk to Poppy about adding it to the cocktail offerings on the blog.

    Now that you mention it, though, that cranberry G & T sounds pretty tasty too.

  2. Charlie, I’ll drink anything that you create in a glass. Always innovative and incredible.