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Raw Apple Cake for Breakfast or Birthdays


Remnants of a gnarly, nearly century-old orchard on our property produces apples from August through mid-October. Three trees in the backyard, each a different variety, we have apples galore and we have our favorite recipes. Caramelized with brown sugar and cinnamon – great with ice cream, roasted applesauce, and this cake.

Raw Apple Cake has been a family birthday favorite for years now. On one of our first dates I asked my husband if he’d like a cake for his birthday, just a few days away. It was New Year’s day, the temperature hovered around 10 degrees and we were skiing at Stephens Pass. I guess I thought that talk of birthdays and baking would take my mind off the fact that my toes were FROZEN. Definitely, he said, raw apple cake. The cake has lasted and so have we – we more worn around the edges than the cake, but it’s all delicious.

raw apple cake 8

Raw Apple cake featuring lots of raw apples is one way to go. Even if you don’t have apples in the backyard, they’re in season right now and you can make this with any tart apple. A large, moist and fruity cake, it lasts for days, it gets better with age which is perfect for birthdays, and, it will serve a dozen people, maybe fifteen. It’s a delicious wake-up call in the morning with coffee, or it goes fancy with cream cheese frosting and birthday candles. Today the candles are for Roz. Happy Birthday sweetie – we’re glad you were born.

Raw Apple Cake Recipe

 Easy to make. Ingredients: 4 cups coarsely grated apples/ 2 eggs/ 2 cups sugar/ 1 cup oil/ 3 cups flour/ 2 tsp. soda/ 2 tsp. cinnamon/ 1 tsp. salt.

Directions: Beat eggs/ Add sugar & oil and mix on medium speed until light and fluffy, about 4 minutes/ Mix in dry ingredients & blend well, but briefly/ Finally, add apples and mix thoroughly, but, briefly/ Bake at 325º for about an hour in a greased & floured Bundt pan/ Let it cool for fifteen minutes/ Carefully remove from the pan, loosening it all around with a flexible knife or spatula if needed. After it’s cooled frost it with a cream cheese frosting if you like or leave it plain. Either way, delish.

I make cream cheese frosting by the seat of my pants: 2 cups of of cream cheese, give or take, a few tablespoons of cream or whole milk, powdered sugar, start with 1/2 cup, a couple of tablespoons of lemon juice, a teaspoon of its zest, and a teaspoon of vanilla – mix until smooth, taste and adjust ingredients as needed.

I had this hair-brained idea about the cream cheese frosting. I’d just made a batch of applesauce and thought I’d experiment with a combination of cream cheese, a little cream, powdered sugar, and APPLESAUCE. It worked out , we loved it and I used more of our growing collection of apple product.

slice of cake

It’s autumn. Enjoy the benefits of a new season, apples among the best. Other apple postings: Roasted Applesauce, Applesauce, Apple Butter & Caramelized Apples, Apple Crisp.

Raw Apple Cake for Breakfast or Birthdays was originally posted in September, 2008.

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  1. i think your addition of applesauce in the frosting created a better blend between the cake and the topping. This was the best one yet. Worn, but still improving…

  2. Our new home has 40+ dwarf or semi-dwarf apple, pear, plum, quince, etc trees. We have quite a crop of apples. I’ll try this. Take care.

  3. Hi Sal, I’m about to make this for the fourth (or fifth) time and I’ve just remembered I have some applesauce in the freezer. I love this cake. J

  4. Joan, this cake has a long and delicious history in our home. Center stage for many birthdays, and more.