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Luscious Farmers’ Market Moments

Waiting in line at a favorite vendor, my good friend Poppy met one of her now dearest friends at the University Farmer’s Market a few years ago. And this morning I saw a lady at the market laden with fresh produce. Observing her beautiful bounty and satisfied smile, another customer said, ‘I’ll have whatever she’s having’, to the delight of everyone nearby (recalling a favorite movie quote). Moments later we ran into dear friends Cass and Lynn, had ourselves a good chat about our tomato patches, bee keeping and the good stuff to be found at Whistling Train Farms.

This is Farmer’s Market business as usual, where you can experience more than the bounty of locally produced food.

Fresh spinach, Whistling Train Farm.

Fresh spinach, Whistling Train Farm. Make a Wicked Wilted Lettuce Salad.

The food. Mostly organic, just-harvested, locally grown, the best of the best. We need them, yes we do, and they need us. Local farmers are growing food for us and selling at convenient locations. Check online for farmer’s market days and locations. Farmer’s Market Alliance, Puget Sound Fresh, Seattle Farmer’s Market Calendar.

Here’s some of what we bought this morning (pictures below), most of it from Shelly, owner (with husband and kids), of Whistling Train Farm, one of our favorite vendors all year long – their winter produce is just as good. Their produce is sold in West Seattle on Sundays, Columbia City on Wednesday afternoons, and University District on Saturdays. Half of the spinach and three onions already consumed with dinner tonight, wilted and grilled, respectively.

Go, just go to a farmer’s market in your own neck of the woods and get acquainted with farmers and vendors, their incredible fresh food and say hello to new and old friends. Summertime livin’, dig it.

Rainier Cherries

Rainier Cherries. Just eat ’em.

Fresh garlic, Whistling Train Farm.

Fresh garlic, Whistling Train Farm.

Onions, Whistling Train Farm.

Onions, Whistling Train Farm. Cut in half lengthwise, olive oiled, seasoned, grilled, perfect with anything.

Basil, Whistling Train Farm.

Basil, Whistling Train Farm. For pizza later this week and Caprese salad. Bring on summer.


Fresh eggs, Whistling Train Farms. Put An Egg On It!

Freshest eggs, Whistling Train Farm. Put An Egg On It!

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