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Still Life with Blossoms

Peony Flower arrangement

The big beautiful blossoms in my garden are begging to be photographed and the timing couldn’t be better. I’ve recently discovered the rich and wonderful world of photography e-courses, primarily those taught by Kim Klassen. Oh my goodness…. If I were to try to dream up my ideal course, hers would be it — she’s a master at giving generously of her vast knowledge in way that is so easy for me to receive and use. I’ve even switched over to a whole new photo-editing software under the guidance of one of her courses. No easy feat — especially when I have thousands of photos to organize and edit. The latest course I’ve been taking is on Still Life Photography and luckily I have subjects galore, free for the picking — irises, lilacs, peonies and of course, lots of poppies.

Iris Still Life  Peony Arrangement

No need for a studio, these were taken on my deck in the morning with indirect natural light using scarves as backdrops. For me, low tech is the best way to go when I’m learning something new and want to be creative and free.

Poppy Still Life  Poppy Still Life

I have lots of vases, some inherited, some art pottery collectibles and lots and lots of thrift shop finds.

Lilacs  Peony Still Life

I couldn’t stop playing around using an antique distressed mirror in our dining room, adding a whole different dimension to these poppy photos.

Reflection of Poppy  Reflection of Poppy

Reflection of Poppy  Reflection of Poppy

This summer give yourself the gift of setting aside some time to be creative. Taking an e-course is a great way to have inspiration available whenever you can get to it without adding one more thing to your busy schedule. If you don’t know what to do, start with anything you’re curious about. Check some books out of the library or start researching on line. Once you’re inspired, take a first step giving yourself permission to just play without any expectations for an end product or where you might end up. Take each step on your creative path as a clue to the next step. I find great inspiration in nature so sometimes I’ll just walk in a beautiful place until something speaks to me. It can be right outside your door if you just take the time to look. It’s almost summer so get yourself ready to play, explore, create and have fun!!





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  1. Poppy, these are all just BEAUTIFUL !
    I am so thrilled for you that you’ve been getting so much from your
    courses with Kim … isn’t she just the most generous [and knowledgeable] teacher?!
    I’m guessing you’ve switched to Lightroom? One day I may get there, too.
    In the meantime it’s such a treat to see what you’re up to and I’m so pleased
    you posted your posies.


  2. You’ve been telling me about this course, Poppy. Seeing the spectacular photographic results makes it even more impressive.

  3. Christi, I learned about Kim from you, so thank you! Yes, I switched to Lightroom. It took going through Kim’s course twice (and sometimes more) but is well worth it. Glad you like my posies 🙂
    Thanks,Sally. I’m happy to finally show you what I’ve been up to.