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From Bones to Broth

So yeah, this is my waistline right about now. It’s been a good couple of months. I’ve been bad in such delicious ways, but it might be time to reclaim a waistline. Like my husband’s grandmother would say, “I’ve had a good time, but I’ve had it long enough.”

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Used to be – was it in Dickens’ novels – they’d send you to bed with just a cup of broth for supper if you’d been bad. If that’s the punishment then I’m in with bad.

Another new year is about to roll in (another beginning, another chance) and several of our favorite meat or vegetable-based broths, featured in past posts, might be wickedly delicious, but they’re also healthy. A cup can help you face a bad cold, or it can be the rich base for a myriad of soups and meals. Build on the finished stock and add dried or fresh mushrooms, cooked barley, rice, dark greens, bits of meat or tofu, leek, carrots, sweet potato, a few seasonings. From bones to broth to bisque, chowder, soup, polenta, risotto . . . here are a few of our stock/broth/soup-making recipes along with a culinary resolution.

  1. Save chicken bones and carcasses in a zip lock bag and freeze until ready to use. Same with beef bones.
  2. Same with the ends of vegetables that get tossed. Collect them and use when making meat or vegetable stock.
  3. Make broth (stock) and/or freeze the extra in 2 or 4-cup containers, or as cubes, as in ice cubes. Use 2 or 3 as needed.

Just this afternoon – when I couldn’t sit still during the Seahawks’ game – I sautéed onion, garlic, celery, sweet and Yukon Gold potatoes, chicken Italian sausage; added 4 cups chicken stock from the freezer, fresh thyme and a bay leaf, a little water, a small end bit of Parmesan and a huge pile of kale. Soup for supper. See what I mean?

Making broth requires about 10 minutes to get it going, and then 2 – 3 hours of quiet simmering and watching the pot. When it’s done strain, let it cool and then remove as much or little fat as you like. This is culinary gold.

May 2014 bring good fortune to your stock pot and your dinner table.

Vegetable or Meat-Based Broth Recipes

Reclaim waistlines. Use the search index on our home page (or this link) for many more soup recipes.

A Bowl of Vegetable Broth                             Vegetable Broth

Invest in Stock, Turkey Stock                        making turkey stock

Turkey Soup Anytime                                     Homemade Turkey Soup

Jerry’s Golden Vegetable Stock                        golden vegetable stock

Slow Cooker Broth Heals All                             dsc3524.jpg

Chicken Stock from Scratch, for Risi e Bisi        Risi Bisi, Rice & Peas

Reclaiming Asparagus Butts for Broth               asparagas-broth-soup

Versatile Vegetable Soup                                vegetable soup

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