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Wintertime Backyard Foraging & Decorating

You could call it foraging, or you could call it scavenging or poking around. You might call it crazy. Whatever, it’s what Poppy and I both love to do, at the beach, in the park, in the backyard, when we notice and save little bits of things. This time of year that means leaves and seed pods, bits of greenery that have fallen to the ground, rose hips, sage, bay leaves, pine needles, holly, and dried blossoms from last summer’s hydrangeas. To name a few.

foraged decorations foraged decorations

While I was foraging in my backyard, Poppy was on Orcas Island doing her foraging thing. One of the reasons we’re friends, colleagues and co-conspirators in a creative life, among other things, is that we both love the outdoors and its offerings. She made a gorgeous wreath with her finds. I decorated packages and filled bowls.

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The delicate lace of a decayed leaf, the bleached and dried blossoms of hydrangea, a gnarly  rose hip . . . I love this stuff, but there’s plenty of winter green and color that’s fresh and bright.

foraged decorations 8 foraged decorations 4  foraged decorations 2 (1) foraged decorations foraged decorations foraged decorations 1 (2) foraged decorations 1


wreath3 of 4  wreath making wreath2 of 4Shiny bows are nice, or you could use a leaf, a blossom or a bit of evergreen instead. Make a wreath from scratch, or buy one that’s basic, unadorned and finish it in your own style. Make a bouquet with foraged branches. Fill a bowl with fragrant bay leaves. A gift to yourself, make time to play and smell the pine needles.

foraged decorations 2 (3) foraged decorations 1 (3)

Visit our photography site, Poppy and Sally Photography.com, to see more of what we’re playing around with.




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  1. Sally, you are a kindred spirit…after staying up till the wee hours at a holiday celebration last saturday, I went to Lincoln Park Sunday after my morning coffee…to clear my fuzzy head, breathe the fresh sweet air…dragging my two “Lawn and Leaf” bags, I was happy to find many collectibles laying around just waiting discovery. Those treasures now grace my mantles at home, in a sweeter, humbler way than any store-bought green ever could. Season-worn or freshly blown down, there are always interesting pieces that call out my name and find their way into my bag…I wander home feeling rich with the forests offerings.
    Blessings of the season to you and yours!