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Summer Salads’ Cookbook

Please pass the salad. Another Mixed Greens digital cookbook, another invitation to join us at our table.

Fun to compile, we hope you enjoy.

summer salad greens

Our next cookbook, autumnal salads or soups. Let us know if you have a favorite.

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  1. I couldn’t resist leaving you with a little *nudge* towards one of my favorite autumn soups: Borlotti beans (sometimes called cranberry beans) with kale & sausage (spicy sausage, to be exact). To die for!

  2. Sweetpea, I have a version of your soup cookin’ in my brain right now and it’s delish! 🙂 Please let me know if you have any advice or other ingredients that make your soup ‘sing’.

  3. Sally & Poppy, This digital cookbook is beyond beautiful. What a wonderful concept!
    Thank you for the art and inspiration : )