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Poetry on the Vine

blueberries cucumber on the vine

Oh Blueberry, oh Cucumber you refresh beyond measure,

Orbs of plump purple and crunchy green garden treasure.

You cluster and vine, produce with such skill,

If I don’t eat you somebody else will.

Salads, pickles and pies you define,

Oh Blueberry, oh Cucumber you are too sublime.

I’m a little bit smitten. Maybe you noticed. The romance of stepping outside to find ripened blueberries every morning for weeks on end, and now a couple of cucumbers each day, never gets old. For anyone thinking about planting either of these, neither are fussy and the cucumbers especially will bring almost instant gratification. The tiny green cucumber bulbs, nestled next to their yellow blossom, take form and within a week – in hot weather – are ready to harvest. Blueberry bushes take several years to take hold and bear abundant fruit, but when they do it’s a power fruit party.

Below are links for favorite blueberry and cucumber recipes these past few years, plus a quick, cold cucumber soup. But first, if you get them fresh, eat them just as they are, without pie crust or brine. Perfection.

Blueberry Recipes

bowl of blueberries

 The Real Blue Angels                          Blueberry Galette, Blueberry Smoothies

Nix the Mix, Blueberry Hotcakes       My grandma’s hotcakes

Baked Blueberry & Apple Pudding    Like a cobbler, maybe better

Blueberry Salsa

Instant Cold Cucumber & Avocado Soup Recipe

cold cucumber soup cucumbers

Ingredients & Directions: Place all ingredients in a blender: partly peel and, if large-seeded, scoop out seeds in the center of 3 medium-sized cucumbers/Leave some of the peel on the cucumber – it adds color to the soup/ Cut into 1-inch chunks/ Peel and dice 1 ripe avocado/ 1 small shallot, coarsely chopped/ Juice of 1 lemon or lime/ 2 T fresh dill, 1 tablespoon reserved/1 t salt or to taste, 1/2 t pepper/ 1 C + ice cubes/Blend together until smooth – to thin add more ice cubes or water and blend again/ Pour into 6 chilled glasses, garnish with a sprig of reserved dill or a thin slice of cucumber.

Optional: add a teaspoon of hot sauce to the mix, and/or 2 T of sour cream.

More Cucumber Recipes

cucumber just picked

Sipping Cucumbers           Cucumber beverages

Crazy for Cukes                  Raita, soup, with vinegar, feta salad

Putting Food By                 Dill & Bread & Butter Pickles

Cucumber Mint Cooler


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