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Party Menu in a Hurry: Seafood Chowder


My brother and I made a double batch of this seafood chowder for twelve of us the other night, with an array of vegetables, leek dip, baguette, cookies and ice cream. When four more showed up there was still plenty. A festive menu that leaves time for the cook to smell the roses before dinner, peonies in this case, and takes an hour to hour and a half to prepare everything. Make the base several hours ahead or the night before, ask your sister to make dessert, do some cleanup as you go, and after dinner you can dance.

This is an encore post from March 2012.  For us this is a good party menu: Annie’s Birthday Dinner – really delicious food, for a bunch of people, in a hurry.


  Mediterranean Seafood Chowder

Plenty of baguette & butter

Raw Vegetables & Leek dip (instead of salad)

 Chocolate Cake & Ice Cream


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  1. Sally, sounds delicious. Do you share the recipe?

  2. Sure, just click on one of the links embedded in the post.