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10 More Favorite Recipes from Mixed Greens Blog

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It’s my turn give you ten of my favorite posts. While Sally chose hers mainly for sentimental reasons, I decided to go for more practical reasons. This is a list of recipes that bring me back to the blog over and over to remind myself how I made something. Don’t ask me why I can remember these recipes especially considering I make them often. Just knowing they’re on the blog whenever I might need them, I no longer add them to my written recipe file and apparently, I don’t need to remember them either.

Homemade Turkey Soup    Homemade Turkey Soup

Okay, I lied. I make this so often that I no longer refer to the recipe, but plenty of other folks do.

Multi-Cultural Tofu Marinade    Marinated Tofu

I use this marinade at least once a week. It takes tofu to a whole new level and is great for fish too.

Winter Squash Gratin   Winter Squash Gratin

My absolute favorite way to eat winter squash. Perfect for a family dinner side-dish.

Duck Confit    Duck Confit

Best dish for a dinner party.

DIY Ricotta Cheese  Homemade Ricotta Cheese

Ricotta, creme fraiche, goat cheese — all easy and fun to make in your own kitchen.

Chicken Liver Pate      Pate on Crackers

The most impressive appetizer I make, an essential ingredient in your homemade banh mi too.

Homemade Sriracha Hot Sauce  Sriracha Sauce

If only peppers were in season year-round, I’d make this much more often.

Brussels Sprouts with Bacon  Brussels Sprouts with Bacon

My granddaughter Lily loves these — that says it all.

Caesar Salad Dressing Caesar Salad

I think I make the best caesar salad, even if I do say so myself.

Flourless Chocolate Cake  Flourless Chocolate Cake

Practically the only dessert I make and definitely the only cake.

I’ve gotten a little feedback from some of our readers that they come to Mixed Greens mainly to look at the photos — and that’s truly okay with me, I’m honored in fact. But if you do decide to try some of our recipes, Sally’s top ten from last week and mine above would be a good place to begin.

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  1. Oh these all look so delicious but I especially want to try the winter squash recipe!