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A Top Ten From 5 Years of Mixed Greens

Top 10 of 20 to be accurate. Poppy has a list too, coming soon. Stunning to think that collectively we have written six hundred fifty posts in the past five years, three hundred twenty-five apiece, whole food, local and seasonal at the heart of most.  My own top ten favorite posts are ones that I have attachments to for sentimental reasons, though it would be interesting to select a top ten, or twenty, based on statistics.

Two chairs & heart

A few are a nudge to reconsider some habit or another that just doesn’t make sense in today’s world. I’ve asked myself and readers to consider a ‘local’ olive oil from California, to unplug electronics that aren’t in use, to question bottled water and meat consumption, all issues that I’ve grappled with myself. There are practices that I’ve lived with forever, taken for granted and then one day notice it doesn’t make sense anymore. Presto chango. Sometimes it’s that easy. Usually not.

Like cooking on a regular basis isn’t so easy. You might wonder why a liberated person, male or female, might choose to spend several hours a week cooking dinners. For starters, it’s a good habit if you want to live more sustainably (more economically!), but in a nutshell, it’s the deliciousness factor. I like to eat and I like, whenever possible, for it to be delicious. Not rocket science. I’m just hungry for a good meal. I grew up around cooks and cooking and I think culinary osmosis happens. It soaked in and I hit the ground running in my twenties. Plenty of culinary mishaps, still there are plenty, but I’m dogged about wanting to eat food that we cook at home. Well, unless someone invites me out to a nice dinner, in which case I will hang up my whisk in a heartbeat.

If you’re not there yet, stick around, we could, perhaps we will, regale you with a top ten list of reasons for cooking at home. Another time.

So, ten faves (and runners up) from my half of Mixed Greens that speak to me in some way – plus a postscript.

Chocolate Chip Cookie O’ My Heart choc chip cookies close up  Be mine forever cookies for your Valentines.

Roasted Tomato Sauce, A Walk in the Park roasted tomato sauce

Wilted Lettuce Salad, Wicked Good wilted lettuce salad

Handmade Dressings for Salad  sweet and sour salad dressing

A Beloved Brownie Lives On desolation-sound-food-3

Massage Your Kale? Massaged Kale Salad

Green Goddess Soup green goddess soup

Sweet Dreams On the Line clothesline-50.jpg

Carbon 101 Foodprints chickens in the barnyard

The Winter Tomato Dilemma Garden tomatoes

P.S.   Cook On, It’s Green! just-cooking-11


These losers got cut. Maybe next time.

Putting Food By: Pickles

Fruitcake Good Enough to Eat

Hats off to Johnny Appleseed: A PNW Waldorf Salad

Blueberry Hotcakes: Nix the Mix

Perfectly Hard Boiled

Horseradish Kicks Butt

Jerry’s Golden Stock

Summer Vegetable Roast Au Jus 

Wrap it Up, In a Crepe


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  1. I love this post! Fun to remember all these goodies; inspired to make them again. Congratulations on your 5th anniversary, and thanks for all you do to help us eat and live more sustainably and more deliciously. Love you both!

  2. Great idea! And congratulations to you, Sally and Poppy, on five amazingly prolific years of blogging. Thank you so much for this wonderful site and your continued inspiration to eat well – locally, sustainably, tastefully and artfully. Love your witty writing, gorgeous photographs, and great recipes.

    Congratulations also on your new venture! The site is so lovely. Wish you both the very best! Love, Carmen