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Happy 5th Birthday, Mixed Greens Blog

Chocolate Tofu Pudding

It’s been five years since Sally and I put up our first post on Mixed Greens and I’m happy to say, we’re still going strong. Stronger than ever actually, with January as our biggest month yet for visitors. And yes, that’s satisfying but what’s even better has been getting to work with my dear friend and collaborator, Sally. I get asked all the time about how two people can “share” a blog. I’ll admit we started without a plan but so far, it’s been surprisingly easy and fun. The issues we’ve had have been technical and we’ve been able to get excellent help with those.  We meet once or twice a week, drink coffee, share ideas and then take turns posting. We occasionally consult with each other about our plans for posts but mostly we just wing it and delight in having a week off to come to the blog as a reader and see what’s new.

As a matter of fact, we’ve enjoyed our collaboration so much that we’ve just started a new venture as photographers for hire. Please visit our new website and check out what we’ve been up to. Many of you have only seen our food and garden photos but we share a love of portraiture and story-telling through images, both prefer using natural light whenever possible and are inspired by the exquisite beauty in our corner of the country. Since I’m living some of the time on Orcas Island, we plan to serve not only the Seattle area but also the San Juan Islands.

Poppy and Sally Photoraphy

But don’t worry, even as we segue into this new artistic adventure, we’ll continue to stay on our soap box and promote living a local and sustainable life. As our readership at Mixed Greens has grown, so has the local movement and we’re happy to pass on what we know and learn to all of you through our weekly posts.

And that reminds me that I have a very fun and easy chocolate pudding recipe that you might consider making for your sweetheart for Valentine’s Day. Full disclosure — this pudding contains tofu. Even I was skeptical and I’m beginning to love tofu but for all those who still need to be convinced, you’ll have to trust me, you can’t taste it, at all. It’s the perfect solution if you’re trying to avoid dairy and even if you’re not, it’s the easiest, creamiest pudding  ever.

Chocolate Tofu Pudding

Chocolate Tofu Pudding

Ingredients: 12 oz silken tofu (silken tofu is found on the grocery shelf in boxes, not in the refrigerated section, it’s very soft, also used in smoothies)/ 4 oz good quality bittersweet chocolate (lots of good local options), melted/ 1/3 cup sugar/ 1/3 cup water/ 1t vanilla extract.

Directions: In a small pan combine sugar with water, bring to a boil and stir until sugar is dissolved, cool slightly/ Place tofu, melted chocolate, sugar water and vanilla in blender/ Puree until smooth/ Pour into 6 small containers, I used espresso cups/ Chill in fridge at least 2 hours/ Serve as is or topped with whipped cream or shaved chocolate.

Mark Bittman makes a similar Mexican Chocolate Tofu Pudding with cinnamon and chili powder. I’m sure it’s delicious but I tend to like my chocolate straight up.

Looking back at our 650 posts of the past five years, I was reminded that one of the very first posts we did was on Chocolate Pudding, made the old-fashioned way with cream, butter & eggs. Either way, a very sweet treat worthy of a celebration.

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  1. Happy 5th birthday to both of you. It’s been so fun watching and following your blog. Can’t wait to see what else you do with photography. Love the name!

  2. Awwww happy birthday mixed greens. I’m so happy to have found you!! Funny, five years old sounds so young but when it comes to websites I believe the age is closer to dog years so congratulations for making it this far!

  3. Five years and I just found you last week. I have been “garden dreaming” as I go through your many blogs. I like the little pictures on the side of the blog that take me off in another direction. I’ve found several recipes I want to try as my garden matures throughout the summer. Plan to make better use of our local farmer’s market as well. Thanks!

  4. Thank you each, Ginger, Solange and Judy, for leaving a note- we get many visitors each day and few comments. We know, people are overwhelmed with all the possible internet interactions. Still, we are grateful whenever someone takes a moment to say hello. Much appreciated.

  5. Happy BB (Blog Birth) Day, you two! Wow, five years & 650 posts later, I’d say you have a lot to be proud of and we loyal followers a lot to be thankful for. Looking forward to the see what happens with the merging of the blog and photography biz. Best of everything in year six (starting today!). C.