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Homemade chips for couch potatoes

If you make it at home does it become a guilt-free indulgence or just another indulgence that we could live without but don’t want to?


Potato chips, kale chips, caramel corn, cheesey crackers, stuff that’s fun to eat, easier than you might think to make, and without the packaging and mystery ingredients. No preservatives here. Sorry but you have to eat them right away. I know how you hate that with things like salty chips and caramel corn. Actually, they do last at least a few hours, in some cases a few days, but tend to lose their crisp sooner than the store bought variety. And need I mention, a quarter or so the price of store bought. There. Less guilt already.

That you can make this stuff at home without much trouble was a revelation to me. Roll up your sleeves for half an hour or so and make a batch of chips or crackers. Make leek dip to go with and then hit the couch. Indulge. Guilt is locked away in the garage until you need it for something serious, like two helpings of chocolate cake.

Baked Potato Chips Recipe

closeup chips

Equipment: A mandolin if you have one, to facilitate thin slices, or use a sharp knife and your best cutting skills. The thinner the slice the crisper the chip. You’ll need a cookie sheet per potato so  plan on baking in batches or use two pans. Parchment paper.

After experimenting with several batches, here’s what I discovered: less oil is better; thinly sliced potatoes cook at different speeds so check often and remove a few at a time as they become lightly browned and crisp – some chips were done in 9 or 10 minutes, others 15 minutes; I was able to remove chips from the pan or move them around with my fingers, no spatula necessary; ones that were slightly too brown were still good; lower heat and longer baking time worked better than high heat.

Ingredients: 2 medium sized potatoes (enough for 3 or 4 snackers), *Russet or Yukon Gold/ 3 T olive oil (approximately 1 1/2 T per potato), salt & pepper to taste. *The batch of russet potatoes turned out best. Just luck? Not sure.


Directions: Preheat oven to 350 degrees/ Preparing one potato at a time, pour 1 1/2 T of olive oil into a large bowl/ Line one or two cookie sheets with parchment paper/ Scrub clean and peel (optional) two potatoes/ Using a mandolin or a sharp knife, make very thin slices/ Place slices of one potato into bowl with olive oil and toss very gently, turning and separating each one so that each is lightly coated/ Add olive oil 1/2 teaspoon at a time if more is needed/ Spread potato slices out on cookie sheet, turning slices over at least once to make sure that each is coated with a little oil/Potatoes can be touching, but not overlapping on the pan/ Sprinkle with 1/2 t salt, pepper if you wish.

Cooking time varies so keep an eye on these/ Bake for 8 minutes (some might be done or close to done), turn chips over, bake another 5 – 10 minutes, removing chips from the oven a few at a time as they are done/ When potatoes are golden and starting to curl they’re usually done/ Some cooks don’t bother turning them over at all so do what you like with that part/ Taste and season again if needed while chips are still warm.

Allow to cool, find a couch and settle into some serious snackin.

You might already be wondering about chipotle pepper with the salt, cumin, garlic powder . . . yes, sprinkle with whatever, but go lightly at first and do it before baking or while chips are still piping hot from the oven so that flavorings will adhere.

I tried sweet potatoes too. Taste good, but don’t look so great. sweet potatoe chips

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  1. I tried making something like this a year ago and they ended up soggy. I will try them again following your directions!!!

  2. Solange, happened to me too, the soggy chips. Next batch I used less oil, turned down the temp, and watched them carefully. I have to say that the baking is tricky only because you have to pay attention and remove chips at various times as they become crisp, but not too brown.