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Imagine a red carpet for food . . .

We’d attend their premiers, cheer them on the red carpet, ask for their autographs, be their paparazzi. Some of the most humble food would be on the top ten best, or maybe worst, dressed list. Plump, leafy, curvaceous, svelte, demure, flamboyant, they would turn heads. Some are scandalously sensual. Beautiful inside and out, they will strut their stuff on your dinner table any time.

Poppy and I, ostensibly, photograph whole food for their seasonal and nutritional value. Strictly platonic relationship, right? The truth is that maybe we’re smitten by the looks of a plant and its fruit from the get go. We chop, slice, dice, sauté, mash and finally macerate plants and their fruit without paying much attention to their expressive side, their sculptural form, their sometimes diminutive, sometimes substantial leaves, their characteristic stems and roots, their range of color. Red carpet (& garden) material for sure.

Brussell’s Sprouts from garden to table (Grateful for Brussels Sprouts)

Persimmons (Pucker Up for Persimmons), & Pears (Bring Pears to the Party)

Red Cabbage (Cabbage Italian Style) & Blueberries (Blueberry Hotcakes, Nix the Mix)

Turnips (Hard Working White Vegetables), & Tomatoes (Winter Tomato Dilemma; Roasted Tomato Sauce)

Winter Squash (Spicy Squash & Apple Soup), & Onions (Caramelized Onions, Julia’s French Onion Soup)

Zucchini (Eat Squash Blossoms, Dearie) & Chantrelles (2 Simple Sides: Shrooms & Squash)

Artichokes could be Master of Ceremonies, Billy Crystals of the plant world.

Artichokes in the PNW Garden, Big Boned Landscape




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  1. Gorgeous, sexy, red-carpet worthy for sure! Thanks for the reminder that how our food LOOKS is as important as how it TASTES and how NUTRITIOUS it is.

  2. Thank you for sharing these wonderful pictures… one beauty after another!

  3. Artichokes are so much better than Billy Crystal. Loved this post. And those brussel sprouts with purple edges? Amazing. Best dressed!

  4. Thank you each for being playful with me about how good our food looks! Lelo, those are Red Rupine Brussells Sprouts that we grew in the backyard last year. Gorgeous, also delicious.