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When You’ve Got Lemons & Turkey…

We’re going on three days of turkey leftovers and by now, it’s time to introduce some different flavors to the mix. I’m craving something new, more ethnic and with a little spice. Besides having a huge container of turkey and yes, I made my turkey stock, I also ended up with two extra bags of organic lemons. Citrus is one non-local item I can’t resist during the winter. It helps to brighten up even the most mundane dish. Our leftovers, at this point, could definitely use some brightening up. Moroccan Chicken with Preserved Lemons, substituting turkey, was a revelation to me and made the whole thing new all over again. As an added bonus, I made a batch of preserved lemons to use throughout the holidays.

Moroccan Turkey with Preserved Lemons and Green Olives

Ingredients: 2 T olive oil/ 1 large onion, thinly sliced/ 2 garlic cloves, thinly sliced/ 1T fresh ginger, minced/ 1 T paprika/ 2 t ground cumin/ 1 t ground cinnamon/ 1 1/2 cups turkey or chicken broth/ 10-15 pitted green olives, sliced/ leftover turkey, slices or chunks/ 8 wedges of preserved lemon, all pulp removed, cut into thin slices. (You can also use regular lemons, just add them when you add the broth so they can simmer in the sauce)/ Chopped cilantro for garnish (optional)/ Salt & pepper to taste.

Directions: Heat olive oil in large skillet over medium heat/ Add sliced onions, garlic and ginger, sprinkle with salt & pepper, saute 8-10 minutes/ Add paprika, cumin, cinnamon, stir and cook for a minute or two/ Add broth, bring to a boil/ Reduce heat to medium-low, add turkey, olives and lemons/ Stir, cover and allow to heat throughly/ Serve on a bed of couscous or rice.

Homemade preserved lemons are simple to make and are the perfect solution when you have more than you can use fresh. You can use them in soups, salads, stews, cocktails and like I did in a Moroccan leftover turkey dish. Make a big batch, divide into several small jars and give them as Christmas gifts. If you have Meyer Lemons, by all means, use them. If you don’t, not to worry. I would recommend using organic because you will be eating the rind.

Preserved Lemon Recipe

Ingredients: 6 lemons/ 2/3 cup kosher salt (my lemons were on the small side so I only used about 1/3 cup)/ Juice from 4-5 additional lemons/ 2 T olive oil

Directions: Wash lemons, then blanch them in boiling water for 5 minutes/ Drain/ Cut each lemon into about 8 wedges, removing seeds, ends and extra pith/ Toss lemons with salt in bowl/ Pack lemons tightly in jar and cover with extra lemon juice/ Seal jar and let lemons stand at room temperature for 5 days/ Shake gently once a day/ Add oil to the jar and refrigerate (if covered in juice, lemons should keep for up to one year)

Before I knew how much I’d love preserved lemons, my motivation in making them was to use in this dish, now I can’t wait to try them in other ways, just think of the cocktail possibilities. I waited only two days to starting using mine and the taste was already wonderfully complex and distinct. Mark Bittman has an even faster method for Quick Preserved Lemons for when you need them in a hurry.

Enough about cooking and on to shopping… That’s right. I know we never encourage you to consume products here at Mixed Greens. I’ve been asked over and over how we make any money since we don’t sell advertising. Well, we don’t, but once a year we put out a lovely calendar featuring our seasonal whole food photographs, one for each month with a recipe on the back. It all sits in a sweet little CD case that doubles as a stand (great for the reading the recipes). It’s printed on 100% recycled paper, of course, and comes in a cardboard mailer. The perfect gift, for you, your friends, family or co-workers.

You won’t find our calendar at any large stores but you can buy yours here on the blog. We’re also selling them at a couple of our favorite stores, Click and Capers in West Seattle and Roses Bakery & Cafe in Eastsound on Orcas Island.






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