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Something Green on the Side

Undoubtedly, green vegetables are the last to be eaten on Thanksgiving Day. So why even bother with extra side dishes knowing that it’s an all out turkey-potato-stuffing-gravy eat-a-thon? I’m sorry, but I don’t have a really good answer for you except that in our house a meal without something green just doesn’t cut it. We love our greens around here, morning, noon & night. If you’re like me and just can’t bring yourself to omit green vegetables, knowing that you’ll probably have leftovers, I have a few suggestions for some of our favorite green side dishes.

At the very least, lots of fresh herbs chopped and added to green mashed potatoes almost qualifies and brings enough flavor make the gravy less important, provided there’s plenty of butter, salt & pepper. If you have menu police making sure the same dishes are served every single year, surely no one can object to some parsley or chives. Sometimes herbs can be your gateway to real green vegetables.

Then again, a little bacon or cheese can tempt even the most reluctant among us. Even brussels sprout haters have been known to love this recipe.

Sally makes brussels sprouts with a warm vinaigrette dressing using shallots and balsamic vinegar, not as rich as bacon but equally delicious.

A crunchy raw fennel and celery salad makes a bright and fresh palate cleanser between heavy courses.

Sally’s massaged kale is one of my all-time favorite recipes on our blog. Since it’s cooked by lemon juice not heat, it frees up space on the cooktop and it’s even better the next day.

And then there’s Charlie’s old favorite, Spinach Pear Puree, a lively take on the more traditional creamed spinach.

Thanksgiving is the perfect opportunity to indulge in all the incredible food we have available to us in the Northwest (especially greens) and to remember to give thanks for all our local farmers and vendors. Have a Happy Thanksgiving!!



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  1. Gorgeous photos and I agree green are always last to be eaten at the end of the dinner. I was especially drawn to the brussel sprouts and the spinach pear puree which look delicious.