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A Rhubarb Recipe Reunion

Every January our rhubarb reappears, small bright green and rosy pink nubs emerging from the previous rhubarb’s dark organic compost. By mid-April it’s at its peak, robust and sassy in flavor. If a fruit could be buxom it would be rhubarb, full bodied green ruffled leaves ascending upward and outward while flirtatious hot pink lining winks from beneath.

Rhubarb is nothing if not strapping and sour, which is its character. You know somebody like that, right? Join the reunion and let us know what you’re doing with rhubarb.

I make sauce over and over again, our go-to rhubarb fix, but there’s a larger repertoire. Every spring for the past three, now four seasons, we’ve featured rhubarb recipes. Here they are again, ready to be toasted, remembered or discovered, ready to party as usual.

Rhubarb’s Back . . .  crisp and sauce recipes

Rhubarb’s Reappears . . . rhubarb coffee cake

Souffle Mystique & Rhubarb Thyme Jam . . . rhubarb thyme jam 

What’s Not to Love About Rhubarb? . . . roasted rhubarb

A Fool for rhubarb . . . rhubarb fool recipe

Rhubarb jam and java, good mornin’ . . . rhubarb jam

By the way, growing rhubarb couldn’t be easier. Once established in a fairly sunny spot, it requires nothing, nothing. Seriously. It offers its hot pink fruit and all you need to do is nab it and enjoy.

Remember, don’t eat the leaves!

COMING SOON, a rhubarb cocktails reunion. Stay tuned.

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  1. Wow! What a great site! I stumbled upon you while looking for a savory rhubarb recipe. Looking forward to trying some of these delicious sounding ones you’ve got here. Thank you!

  2. Julie, thank you. Very glad you found us and our rhubarb collection. The savory rhubarb-thyme jam with cheese is a winner.