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2011 Mixed Greens Calendar Giveaway

We’re in the holiday spirit here at Mixed Greens and as a way of expressing our appreciation to all of you, we’re giving away 6 of our 2011 calendars. All you have to do is leave a comment telling us about your favorite seasonal food for 2010. Feel free to elaborate on the season, the setting and the deliciousness of it all, if you’re so inclined. On New Year’s Day, we’ll draw 6 names from the comment hat. Be sure to leave a correct email address with your comment so we can contact you if you’re one of the lucky winners.

For those of you unfamiliar with our fabulous calendars, trust me, you’re going to want one of your own. They feature a photograph of a seasonal food for each month along with a recipe on the back of every page. The clear jewel box case doubles as a stand which sits nicely on your desk and is also handy for viewing recipes while cooking in the kitchen. We’ve used 100% post consumer recycled paper and will ship it to you in a recyclable cardboard mailer.

To get the conversation started, I have to mention the incredible winter carrots I’ve been getting from Whistling Train Farm recently. We’ve been traveling back and forth to Orcas Island fairly often and I usually pack a bag of carrots to snack on. Plain, unadorned except for a sprinkling of sea salt, they’re unbelievably sweet and crunchy. So simple.

There you go, we’re looking forward to hearing from you. If you just can’t wait or want to purchase a calendar as a gift, we’re selling them on the blog too.  Wishing you all very happy holidays filled with wonderful memories. We’ll be back soon after the New Year.

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  1. Kale! I love love love kale, a delicious and nutrition packed winter green that is great in soups, stir-fries, and my latest favorite, roasted kale chips.
    My taste buds and my body’s health revel in delight with every kale bite.

  2. Well there’s no way I could narrow this down to one. I could probably get it down to three though… damn, even that’s tough. I may be excluded from your contest because I’m a grower here on Orcas but here goes. In the past few years it seems the weather has come to be more difficult to get an early start on things. We try to have produce ready for delivery by Mid March so we need hardy varieties that will grow early or even carry over from the winter. So I have focused on some of the heartier veggies and have come to love them. They deffinately have changed the way I cook and think about food and flavors.

    This year was the first year we had fava beans actually survive the winter and produce an earlier than normal crop. We harvested and sold around 1000lbs. I used to not care for them but now they are one of my favorites. My favorite way to prepare them is after shucking them I steam them for about 5 minutes, them put them casing and all into a food proccessor and puree them with olive oil and a little salt. After that I use them for many things but they are especially good on our wood fired pizza.

    Green garlic: love it. Comes on in April. I puree it, and freeze in a jar and always have a thawed one on hand.

    Caraflex cabbage: You already know about that. Killer

    Raddicchio: I know how you feel about bitter greens and I’ll admit they are not for everyone, but a petite trevisio radicchio marinated in olive oil, salt. pepper, garlic, and lemon juice then griiled for a few minutes on each side is pretty above average.

    Ok sorry but one last thing. House made tomato paste: This is best made from paste tomatoes. Cook them down in a pot for a bit then run them through a food mill then onto a sheet pan with a little olive oil and salt to taste. Pop it in the oven for 2 hours at 350 then one more hour at 250. Stir occasionaly. Whoa. My lots and freeze it. It’ll make any dish you use it in.

    Keep well,

    John Steward

  3. My favorite food for 2010 was my Brown Turkey figs that grew on my fig tree right out side my back door, protected from the wind and cold. I have two fig trees and they both produced multitudes this year. One tree produced bright green figs with pink insides and the Brown Turkey tree produced dark purply brown figs with peachy-red inside. VERY SEXY!! I imagine that Adam and Eve used the leaves of this type of tree to cover themselves! LOL
    I ate them fresh right off the tree in August, September and October, even a few were left in late November.
    In the summer, when they were very prolific, I put them on cookie sheets like I do blueberries, and froze them to use in a tart with nectarines later on.

  4. Ooooh~so many to choose from! I love spring peas and the beans my son helped us grow in our own garden this summer. And winter would be a loss without lovely kale. Thank goodness for Whistling Train Farm and Terrie’s Berries 🙂

  5. It’s gotta be BEETS! Every which way: roasted, in a Moroccan salad, in borscht. And, I always get the morning after surprise!

  6. I’m not in the running for a calendar, but have a current favorite seasonal food to share. Shallots. Purchased in bulk at the farmer’s market, we use them raw in salad dressings and caramelized to embellish all kinds of seasonal veggies like brussells sprouts, kale, broccoli, potatoes, squash and soups.

  7. This year we discovered brussels sprouts on the stalk and my family became believers in trying something fresh that you once disliked frozen. Thanks Full Circle Farm for broadening our taste bud’s experience!

  8. Beets! Grated golden beets over grilled salmon, roasted red beets, Beet Red Velvet Cake…. so many options!

    Runner up is green garlic! I’m lucky to live in the Okanogan, which is home to Filaree Farms and other great garlic growers!