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Eat Local Now! Come for Dinner

Good food from close to home. We’d enjoy sitting down with all of you for such a Mixed Greens meal. We’d have a few things from the backyard garden and then a bunch of stuff from the farmer’s market, all of it from nearby. We’d have something with eggs and cheese, whatever fresh fruit is in season, a pile of roasted tomatoes and squash with some emmer farro. For starters.

A sweet thought . . . maybe some day. For now, even better, there’s the Eat Local Now! dinner on September 30th.


box of tomatoes

The Eat Local Now! event on September 30th is a delicious celebration, one that gets to the heart of thinking sustainably about the food we eat, featuring locally minded chefs like the Herban Feast’s Chef Dalis and Mashiko’s Chef Hajime. We hope you’ll consider attending.

September 30th, 6:00 – 9:30 at Herban Feast SODO Park, featuring live music, engaging exhibitors and speakers, a silent auction, and of course excellent, local fare.


* Eat Local Now is focused on promoting and educating citizens about local food systems.

* Silent Auction featuring a wide variety of locally donated items.

* Lots of community and local food advocates to chat with and learn from.

* Non-profit and local business exhibitors will display information on local food and green job-related organizations.

* Live music from Ali Marcus.

“Eat Local Now! is an ongoing collaboration between associations such as Seattle Good Business Network, Sustainable Cascadia, Sustainable West Seattle, CoolMom, Sustainable Ballard, and other associations. Our goal is to promote the importance of the local food system in Cascadia and to form the connections needed to take action to strengthen our local food economy.”



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