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Full o’ Beans, Wax & Green

My grandmother said that I was full of beans whenever she thought I was stretching the truth or misbehaving. Which, of course, wasn’t that often.

I’m full of beans at the moment and more on the way. I went on a bean-planting binge in May and planted four vines along with that many bush beans. What was I thinking? Probably that I might be having this salad right about now and that I love fresh green and wax beans. Probably not calculating that we’d be gone exactly when our beans are at the peak of their season. So be it. Friends will benefit in our absence.

wax and green beans

bean and tomato salad

Bush beans together with a few tomatoes in a salad, dressed just so. Cloudy mornings? Even so, summer is bountiful.

Beans & Tomato Salad

Four servings or two. Steam a pound or just a big handful of beans for three or four minutes. Rinse immediately in cold water or immerse into ice water to preserve bright color. Drain and dress lavishly.

Tangy Vinaigrettesalad dressing

This makes about 3/4 C of tangy mustardy dressing, perfect for beans. Reduce mustard & vinegar for less tang. Also great with potatoes (which can be added to the beans) or salad greens.

1/4 Cup of any vinegar you like, 1 T mustard, 2 T finely minced shallots, salt & pepper to taste, and 1/2 – 2/3 C olive oil. Stir or shake vigorously until it emulsifies. Mix some or all of the dressing with the steamed beans according to taste and quantity. There may be plenty of dressing left over for the next salad. Before serving, add tomatoes, chopped parsley, fresh dill, tarragon or basil.

bean and tomato salad

Starting Friday we’re rafting down the Colorado through the Grand Canyon. I’ll do my best to harness some Canyon energy and send heat and light towards the Pacific Northwestward.

More bean ideas.

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  1. Yum. And it just happens that I have lots of beans and tomatoes that I am trying to use creatively (read: not in the same cooked beans/tomatoes wherein the tomatoes break down into liquid coating the beans)… I will try your recipe this week. That’s the best part – sharing ideas for all the seasonal produce we are all overflowing with.

  2. Yes, when beans and zucchini overwhelm it’s nice to know what someone else does with them. Great to hear from you, Mangochild.

  3. My favorite bean dressing is toasted sesame oil and a little tamari. If you have them, toasted sesame seeds on top. Yum. I can’t get enough of these.

  4. I think I may have a bean addiction, because I planted way more bean seeds than you and I feel like I don’t have nearly enough to satisfy myself. I must have some kind of bean-deprivation-disorder. The ones that survive the trip home (many get consumed in the car) get turned into salad nicoise or get flash dry fried with garlic, ginger and chinese hot chili sauce.