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Headin’ Home from Montana

We’ve just completed a 3-day intensive photo workshop on a GORGEOUS farm just outside Hamilton, MT. When they say Big Sky, it’s the truth. Free-spirited, fun, talented, organized – yeah, all that – Australian photographer Barb Uil, JinkyArt, inspired participants with her own take on photographing children while nudging us toward developing our own style.

Heading home now, the road’s still beautiful, we’re still happy companions but looking forward to sleeping in our own beds. And then there’s the catching up with stuff back home.

A few more snapshots from the road, Idaho and Montana.

Back Road Big Sky

Country road outside Hamilton, MT, site of our workshop.

Clearwater River

Clearwater River (Hwy 12) lunch stop and foot spa.

Lunchtime at the river

Downtown Missoula, MT

Downtown Missoula at sunset and dinner at Pearl Cafe & Bakery (good!), also my mother’s middle name so it was a must.

Red's Bar, Missoula MT Cafe sign

Missoula Club

Lowell, ID

This sign speaks for itself.

Diner countertop

BLT’s from Ryan’s Wilderness Inn (Lowell, ID) made a fine picnic lunch on the Clearwater River.

Little cowgirl

Bicycle on Country Road

A couple of the many kids we met and photographed this week, each doing their own thing.

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