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MixedGreens Road Trip Day 1

We spent yesterday traveling through the state from Seattle to the Yakima Valley, Tri-Cities, Walla Walla and finally dinner in Waitsburg, WA. Winery stops, picnic lunch and stunning scenery along the way. Cool drinks at hand and a fine cocktail at day’s end. Couldn’t have been sweeter.

View at Kiona Vineyard

Sagelands near Ellensburg, WA.

corn field

Cornfields now on what was once Sally’s family land. Through cornstalks, Mt. Adams in the distance.

Hops Fields

Hops outside Toppenish, WA. That cold brew you keep in the fridge . . . hops are involved.

wheat field

Wheat fields on the road from Walla Walla to Waitsburg, WA. 6:30 in the evening, beauteous land and light beginning to soften.

wheat field up close

grain silo

Flashy grain silo and an old barn across the road from each other.


On the way to Waitsburg

On a side road exploration we found this gorgeous meadow with its tiny cabin.

jimgermanbar Waitsburg

JimGermanBar in Waitsburg, WA. At the end of our first day, so worth the wait.

Jim German Bar

Through more Palouse country, Pullman and then on towards Montana today.

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  1. Thinking about you and Poppy on your road trip while on the plane to DC.. Yes, there is free in flight internet now! Wild. Lovely photos..looking forward to more.

  2. Beautiful pictures! Enjoy your road trip!
    Will be trying your (spiked) lemonade while camping this week. Yum!

  3. Sally and Poppy,

    These photos are just beyond stunning. Thank you for sharing your road trip.

    Happy Trails!


  4. been there done that… 🙂 Wow Sally, glad to see that you went to check out where Bob and I go to drink, eat and ride. Didn’t you love it?