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PC Fast Food @ Burgerville

The concepts of political correctness and a cheeseboiga don’t seem compatible. Oxymoronish maybe. But then there’s Burgerville, a fast food joint with sustainability at its heart. Go figure. And there are quite a few to choose from along the I-5 corridor from soutwestern Washington through central/southern Oregon.a mix - - - Oct- 08 43

A quote from Burgerville’s website: “When you choose Burgerville, satisfying your craving isn’t the only good thing that happens. You’re also contributing to the health of the region by supporting the use of fresh ingredients, local ranchers and farmers and sustainable business practices.”

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If you’re traveling the I-5 corridor between Centralia, Washington and Albany, Oregon (also east on I-84) you can treat yourself to fast food that’s appropriately decadent, delicious and prepared with the environment and your body’s health in mind.

On trips to and from Oregon we, and everybody in our extended family, now eat I-5 on-the-road meals at Burgerville: cheeseburgers, sweet potato fries and espresso-mocha shakes. Food’s good and the setting fits the image of an efficient, tidy FF joint with competitive prices, fast service, and play areas for kids. The comparison with other fast food restaurants ends there.

Signs outside and inside proclaim Burgerville’s intention; straws, cups, utensils are biodegradable; meat and produce are purchased locally; fries are cooked in trans fat free canola oil; attendants whisk away trash and separate carefully for composting and recycling; tent cards on tables describe what’s on the menu that’s seasonal.

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Local/seasonal fast food is unique, but there are more and more sustainably-oriented restaurants around. We posted a piece about Elliot Bay Brew Pub and their attention to sustainable practices in their two bustling restaurants (check out their website); and more recently Mashiko’s Sushi Bar/Restaurant. If fast food, pubs and sushi restaurants can do it maybe others will follow. In the meantime, the small action we consumers can take is to spend our money there. Once in a while.

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  1. I do my best to support the locals first, but I haven’t heard of Burgerville before. Now that I have, Burgerville, here I come! 🙂

  2. Scentsy, Burgerville stops are a great travel ritual. Welcome to the table.

  3. When do they have sweet potato fries. Didn’t see any on their website.