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Mixed Greens 2010 Calendar Giveaway

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It’s time for our first giveaway of 2010. All you have to do to enter to win a Mixed Greens 2010 Calendar is comment on this post by January 24th. In your comment we’d like you to mention at least one sustainable practice you hope to incorporate into your daily life during 2010. It can be a New Year’s resolution but doesn’t have to be. An example might be something as simple as shopping more often at your local farmers market. Make it a small action you want to take and hopefully you can inspire others to try it for themselves. We’ll use our very scientific method of having Lily draw 10 names out of a hat. If you win, we’ll contact you during the week of January 24th by email so be sure to include your correct email address with your comment. If you’re already a lucky owner of our calendar, you’re still eligible to win — maybe you can spread the love by re-gifting it to a friend.

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If this is the first time you’ve heard about our calendar, let me fill you in. Not to brag too much but we’ve come up with what I think is a very cool design. Each month has a separate page with a Mixed Greens seasonal photograph. On the flip side you’ll see a recipe using that local ingredient. The whole thing fits into a re-purposed CD cover that also serves as a stand. It’s very handy for your desk or for reading the recipe while cooking.

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I hope to hear from all of you with your great sustainability suggestions. The simplest actions can be profound.

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  1. Mine is a small step, but I am committed to growing a “mixed greens” container on the boat as we liveaboard and cruise Canadian and Alaskan waters for 6 months each year. My herb pot has been a success, so I’m ready to take the next step.

    We eat a lot of seafood and I forage on shore for mint, berries, spruce tips, sea asparagus, etc. whenever possible. We spend little time in towns and fresh produce is a real challenge. Vegetables are shipped to SE Alaska from Seattle via barge, or occasionally via ferry and truck from eastern Washington. What’s local when we’re down south becomes not so local, and frequently not so fresh or pretty.

    My winter project is to research which greens and/or vegetables will thrive in exposed, cool conditions and in a crowded container. Leaf lettuce and chard seem likely choices, but we will appreciate a bit more variety than that.

    A small step, but an interesting challenge.

  2. It’s basic, but my resolution this year is trying not to let food we buy go bad. I guess that’s a cooking challenge. Or a shopping challenge. Occasionally — an eating challenge.

    Congrats on having your photos at Sightline Institute, I hope to get down there to check it out!

  3. We are working hard to purchase locally grown food from the WS farmers market as well as growing and eating more in our home garden. Takes some effort and dedication to grow delicous foods here in the Pacific NW – I enjoy being able to come home from work and pick fresh veggies and fruit to use for dinner.
    I also enjoy being able to share my bounty and educate my neighbors and co-workers and encourage them to do the same. Love reading your blog!

  4. I am going to keep HOPE alive! The most waste I do is when I have no hope, or when I read some unimaginably bad news and think, what am I doing. Forget this. This year I’m going to believe in what I’m doing.

  5. I’m going to echo Audrey – my goal is to not let food go bad. I want to be both better about cooking regularly, and better about harvesting and using what I have grown.

    Thanks for the inspiration in this pursuit.

  6. Two steps:

    One is that I am going to recruit a neighbor from our condominiums, but not the usual suspects, to help harvest our community garden. Some of us show up for planting (a one off occasion) but it takes persistence to go out and harvest, especially as plants don’t show up according to our personal schedules.

    The other is that I am going to install drip irrigation in our community garden. One of the challenges to urban gardening is learning to do it resourcefully and drip seems like part of the answer.

  7. Mixed Greens ROCKS! What an amazing gift – found by way of Judith Lightfoot’s article in today’s Crosscut.

    I have already found and printed two incredible recipes and can hardly wait to further explore the site.

    Thank you – thank you – thank you.

    My goal for 2010 is to re-establish a garden. I love supporting the farmers at the University District Market, but feel that as a former urban gardner, I could be contributing to local foodbanks with fresh food as well as monetary donations.

    This site is definitely inspiration.

  8. I’m moving into a new house in a week, farther from my work/dance classes/boyfriend’s house than before. So while I wanted to start riding my bike more instead of driving, that’s not quite as simple now. So I’ll choose to celebrate the fact that I am moving closer to a farmers market–and pledge to bike there once a week instead!

  9. I am hoping to make the leap to purchasing only local, humanely raised, meat. It will be a huge leap in price but I am also expecting I will eat less of it. A more quality, less quantity approach—one that I will thread through many other choices I make this year. 🙂

  10. I have decided to buy only organic and sustainable meat this year, from local sources whenever possible. I saw Food, Inc. recently and the images of the slaughterhouse have really stayed with me. I am so disgusted that we allow these practices to continue that I am doing my small part. It doesn’t seem like much, from one way you look at it, but making the conscious choice and commitment to follow through are symbolically (and sustainably!) important to me.

  11. I plan to buy more from my local farmers market this year. I’d like to be able to build a relationship with the people who grow/make the food I consume. Last year was also my first time starting a container garden out on our condo deck. We had some fails, but also some success and with better planning this year, hope to grow some of our own food, even without having a yard.

  12. One of my goals this year is to keep less food in the refrigerator, eat less packaged food and to savor each bite of the food that I am blessed with. I am composting so that when it comes time to plant our garden in May, we will have some rich soil. Last year’s garden was not successful, so I am hoping for a better one this year.
    I would love to have your calendar!

  13. I’d like to cook with hubby more often!
    He’s enjoying Saturday morning cooking
    shows and trying new recipes.
    We are now seeing more veggies on the
    grill than ever before…..!!

  14. I resolve to grow food I will really eat – or get to the food bank at its peak. Also to try more meatless main dishes using produce from the garden.

  15. The time for entries in this giveaway has now ended. We’ll be contacting the winners within the next few days. Many thanks to all of you for your thoughtful comments — growing more of our own food, supporting our local farmers, not letting food go to waste, eating organic, grass-fed meat and more. It looks like we’re all on the same page.

  16. Dear Poppy,

    A big THANK YOU for the calendar – I was so excited to learn that
    my name was picked!
    The calendar was the first thing that arrived in the mailbox at my
    new location – how perfect! It’s difficult leaving the beautiful
    Pacific Northwest, but I’ve brought all that I’ve learned about eating healthy
    and will apply it in the Lake Michigan area. I am sure to meet up with
    new friends that enjoy gardening and will be actively searching for
    nearby Farmers Markets.

    Mixed Greens is always included in our discussions about new and exciting
    recipes. Your site is inspiring a group of kids that are at college and cooking
    for themselves!

    Thank you much and know that this calendar will be shared with the family!


  17. Jessica, You’re so welcome. I’m very happy to hear that we’re inspiring college kids cooking for themselves.