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A Sense of Place

We’ve been thinking about our particular place on the planet, our region, our city, our neighborhoods, backyards . . . and decided that field trips aren’t just for kids. Once or twice a month, hopefully, Poppy and I will be heading out to walk and take pictures of our immediate world, stretching the boundary as we go. Not much comment, just photos that express a sense of place beyond what words might.

Before long we’ll have an updated site with photo galleries and slide shows where the stories will unfold more completely. For now, here’s a taste of where we’re going with this. Just Photos. Seattle’s International District on the morning of October 9th, 2009.

field-trip-id internationaldistrict7-of-108field-trip-id-2-1


field-trip-id-1-1 internationaldistrict27-of-108

field-trip-id-3 internationaldistrict70-of-108

Sally’s photos appear on the left, Poppy’s on the right in vertical sets; Sally’s photo above and Poppy’s below in the horizontal set.

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  1. Great pictures. You’re right that having a sense and knowledge of one’s surrounds is just as much a part of being locally-aware as the food is.

  2. I agree. They talk about the importance of terroir in growing grapes for wine, how geography directly imparts particular characteristics to the grape itself. So it is with the inhabitants of a place.

  3. I love these! What a good idea.


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