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The longest day . . .

Summer solstice. Light, delight, less night, more bright, sun at midnight, a light flight, water fight, camp site, mosquito bite, gin & tonic . . .

But seriously.

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Hoeing by John Updike
I sometimes fear the younger generation will be deprived
of the pleasures of hoeing;
there is no knowing
how many souls have been formed by this simple exercise.

The dry earth like a great scab breaks, revealing
moist-dark loam –
the pea-root’s home,
a fertile wound perpetually healing.

How neatly the green weeds go under!
The blade chops the earth new.
Ignorant the wise boy who
has never performed this simple, stupid, and useful wonder.

The longest days, how sweet it is, and it’s summer again. garden-tools-2-1

Let the planting, hoeing, digging, weeding, growing, watering, preening, pruning, tasting, waiting, savoring, harvesting . . . picnicking begin. John Updike speaks truly – horizons grow when we experience the land. Dig in the dirt, plant something edible, shop farmers’ markets. Happy Summer.

More importantly, Fathers. Sunlight may be sublime, but your place in our lives outshines even that. Our garden hats off to you.

A funny, delicious one-page read about the ups and downs of veggie gardening, the veggie garden blues: Gardening 101: Gardener Sings the Blues.

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  1. What a beautiful way to welcome summer! Thanks for letting your words flow.

  2. Just want to say, ladies, that your blog is always an eagerly awaited treat. Your writing and photos, subject matter and creative charm make it an utter delight. Many thanks for all your efforts–long live mgb. xx