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A Bull Market

We have a fever for farmers markets like Christopher Walken had for more cowbell on SNL. We’re bullish about them. Collectively, the Neighborhood Farmers Market Alliance – University District, West Seattle, Madrona, Broadway, Columbia City, Lake City and Phinney- and the Seattle Farmers Market Association – Fremont, Wallingford, Ballard and Madrona – have eleven markets each week featuring food from local/regional farmers and food producers.



And there are other less officious markets happening too. That’s a lot of good local food shoppin’ going on almost every day of the week. Some are new to the game, some have been around a while. Founded in 1993, the University District Market is the oldest ‘farmers-only’ market in the city. Fremont started its open market in 1990 with a focus on both handcraft and food. The now year-round West Seattle Market is celebrating 10 years this month. It’s a big deal for the community and there are various events happening to commemorate the anniversary (Berry Spectactular, for example).

MixedGreens is part of the celebration. Our photos of whole food, Poppy’s and mine, will be on display (and for sale) at Click! Design That Fits through June. Owners Frances and John Smersh have assembled an array of merchandise that is current and design savvy while maintaining a heart for handmade art and sustainability. They design and make stunning jewelry which they sell in their shop and around the country. Though they now own and operate Click!, John and Frances have been in on small farming for a while now. They envisioned and organized the Longfellow Creek farm/community garden in West Seattle a dozen years ago.

We’ll have an event at Click! Thursday evening the 11th which is Art Walk night in West Seattle. If you’re in the mood to say hello, please stop by. We have a few surprises up our sleeve. Find out more via this link to the Click! website.

My father-in-law was fond of saying West Seattle is a small town in eastern Washington. We do love our Sunday Farmers Market. On the 28th there will be a Berry Spectacular, in addition to the regular market, with all kinds  of fun and games.

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Markets everywhere have become part of a neighborhoods’ vitality. Regulars reap the benefits of fresh seasonal food and camaraderie with their vendors and neighbors – it’s not just a shopping event, it’s a social/cultural experience. When they, the gov, tell us to get out and shop maybe it’s Farmers Markets they’re referring to (but I seriously doubt it).

Farmers Markets are flourishing – find one and go shoppin’.

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