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Earth Days

Family and friends will gather around the table for another Earth Day celebration tonight. We’ll have risotto with local spring greens (Risotto Primavera), a green salad with B.C. shrimp, deviled eggs, stuffed mushrooms, a Bearthday Dessert and whatever else shows up. Good grub.earth-day-12


But the crazy damn stories spun around our various forays into nature – each of us have had a few noteworthy experiences – is the most delicious part: bee, cow and goat chasings; the other picnics, the ones where the sun don’t shine; camping meals for the record book and those gone awry; huckleberry picking and pies; beach combing with bears; cross-country car camping; awkward attempts to describe an indescribable vista; how Bob’s family of eight, six children, regularly camped all over the state because it was fun and important; their mother’s attempts to organize the troops for that to happen harmoniously each week during most of summer (OK, harmoniously might be a stretch). How our parents and grandparents, aunts and uncles brought us to noticing and eventually appreciating the earth in more ways than brief excursions to the park and television documentaries ever could, and how appreciation of the environment became part of our aesthetic and political sensibilities.

Each of us is somehow a caretaker of the earth, however minor. There will be conversation and debate about the politics of it all, but mostly agreement on the issues of trying our best to live green and to diminish environmental footprints. A guiding principle for MixedGreens blog has to do with the ancient footprint, the modern, and finally a child’s, Lily’s Footprint.

“Ancient footprints immortalize beings who lived here 100,000 years ago and we’re captivated, wondering about the lives of those who walked before us. They were seeking sustenance within a walking distance, perhaps a trek, but always on foot.

Now it’s the carbon footprint that interests us, to once again sustain ourselves on what is nearby whenever possible, to diminish the impact of our being here. Lily is the baby child in our village. Her presence on this earth, along with all children, gives energy and passion to the cause of our living ‘within a walking distance’ so to speak.”

Stepping lightly and living locally guide our Mixed Greens project.

Every year we begin our earth dinner with the same prayer.

Water flows over these hands.

May we use them skillfully to preserve our precious planet.

EARTH PRAYER by Thich Nhat Hanhearth-day-2-2-1

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  1. Beautifully written Mama! Looking forward to dinner shortly!